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  • Dubz



    In actuality, there's times I'm in discussions and get recommendations. That server can be fairly busy, though, and trying to remember where ti was at, let alone who said it or when it was, can be very difficult to locate. The search is helpful, but not fully.


    My only current suggestion is sending a message like "[Bookmark]" so you can search for that and get back to around that area more easily, but not ideal.

    You should have access to bookmark any and all messages sent by anyone (and even bots). They should be treated like pins, but self pins and thus self managed. Local channels could have a bookmarks option under the pins (for your own pins, basically, but called bookmarks), a server could have server pins, and potentially your account overall can have account pins. Obviously a limit should be imposed, either on a server level or account level (say, 100 per user), just to avoid over-bookmarking and causing application stability issues. An alternative method would be to have a main view of pins (where the chat feed is, and maybe even a few messages before/after to keep context, like search does), and selecting servers and channels would then "filter down" the bookmarks to what you're looking for. Adding tags to these bookmarks would also be helpful (such as software recommendations vs game recommendations sort of thing). This could enable further narrowing down of results.


    The only other current option would be making a dummy account and sending it links to the messages and then use those to go back to them, but the links have no preview, and thus, can also be difficult to recap on later.

  • r6by

    Useful feature.

    Example: Slack has this concept, stars/bookmarks:

  • Jon-Manifesteer

    I want to be able to bookmark or forward messages to myself like I can in Telegram, but include a link back to the context of the conversation so that I can come back to important discussions. 

  • General Fault

    PLEASE ADD THIS!!! I need to be able to revisit posts at a later time, and bookmarking them would be HUGE productivity boost. ;) I'm actually very surprised it's not there yet.  You guys seem like you'd be on top of this already by now.  I am hoping for some category/folder/tag system as well. It will help eliminate having to save message URLs to text files or browser favorites. 

  • Mathking18

    I think this would be an amazing feature. Keeping a number of posts handy that you'd like to refer back to later for any reason would be so dang useful. 

  • stormcloud

    This please. It's the one thing I miss from Slack. Someone posts a helpful link and it's so hard to locate it again

  • Griselda Knight

    I think this feature will be game changer for both users and discord. Pls add this feature!! It becomes so hard to keep track and refer back to messages (as is available on WhatsApp, telegram etc).

  • Griselda Knight

    I think this feature will be game changer for both users and discord. Pls add this feature!! It becomes so hard to keep track and refer back to messages (as is available on WhatsApp, telegram etc).

  • Axxis son of Singh AtidD

    Great idea. I want bookmarks for the beginning of a discussion, so late comers can easily find the beginning.

  • kennydev

    Please add this.  There has to be a way to locate older messages without having to remember a keyword to search for.  It would be great to have lists to categorize the bookmarks into as well.

  • nemecky

    I’m fairly new to Discord and it’s mind blowing there’s not a way to save or bookmark someone’s comment. I can’t think of another chat service that doesn’t have this feature. As tech-forward as Discord is, how is something that should have been in their first version still not available?


    Hi there this feature does not work for me. Other members in the discord can use it. Any idea what is up. Updated to latest discord too

  • fikenat872

    If it's not too much trouble, ADD THIS!!! I should have the option to return to posts sometime in the not too distant future, and bookmarking them would be HUGE efficiency support. ;) I'm in reality extremely shocked it's not there yet. You folks appear as though you'd be on top of this as of now at this point. I'm expecting some class/organizer/label framework too. It will help take out saving message URLs to message documents or program top choices.

  • Ratnesh

    Would love to have this BOOK MARK feature (or personal pins)

  • Saba Musharrif

    Please add this, or suggest a work around

  • earthbound

    This is a missing necessity. It's as simple as that.

  • vonpupp

    I moved the community to slack just because of this.

  • iraklisg

    +1 It would be very useful

  • Emre T.

    Please add this feature, I think this is a must feature in such a software. 

  • aiternal

    How come Discord still does not add this feature?

  • 4midori

    I'm also very surprised that this feature has not yet been created. Without it, there's really no way to keep track of important discussions. On high-volume channels, what was discussed yesterday very quickly gets lost.

  • jacobsk

    I went looking for a way to save important message and was surprised when I couldn't find one!

    I thought maybe I could DM myself a message link, but I can't seem to do that either!

  • drowhunter

    How is this not a feature!!!  Please add an ability to save links to messages.



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