Whisper Feature



  • Gogetters

    It's called direct message.

  • Meckle


    No, it is not.


  • respecc

    +1 this is amazing if you, for example, want to help someone with technical difficulties, this way nobody has to hear yall stalk but because ur not in a different channel you can still listen to what other users say. Whisper can also be important in some games.

  • ˢʸˢᵗᵐ


    Dear Support.

    Please tell us: Are there any plans for further versions for the requested functionality ?

    In a way, the 'whisper lists' are the only feature keeping my guild and me away from only using Discord instead of TS and Discord.

    You may see - there are many games out there today, that require a 'dual-channel' way of communication for the advanced management of a wide variety of teams, i.e.: for big fights, where you got five guilds, with four squads, with 30 ppl in each of them. 

    That's a tough, but really cool experience, you could make a lot better by adding this feature to your greatful app.

    I hope you may let us know, if there are any plans to get this feature done someday. :)



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