Make the "Press ] to chat in #channel" to the right of where it says the channel name or hide it altogether.


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  • Samwise

    +1 to this -- I'm just now setting up Discord overlay for the first time and while the feature to pin text chat in the overlay is really cool, the big bold Press ] to chat reminder is really distracting; it's more visible than the actual chat contents and after the first time I literally never need to see it.  When I'm playing a game every bit of screen (and of my attention) is precious.


    It'd be nice if:

    • it could be hidden
    • or if it just went away automatically after a few seconds
    • or it went away after the first time you pressed the key
    • or even if we could drag the chat window down far enough that the reminder was off the screen.

    Being able to hide the channel name would be good too.  Maybe just have an option next to the "Opacity" that lets us toggle a "minimal" mode that ONLY shows the messages?


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