Bring Private VCs back



  • Sethosaur

    I don't think I've ever noticed this? Is this new? I just scrolled a server to see if there was some sort of something to let me know if someone was in a call, and I doubt every active person there wasn't in one.

  • Sliemy

    Yes, it's a new feature, but it's only something that works on certain phones, I can't do it for example. But it looks like this:

    So this person was able to see us in a vc that they didn't have access to, for example. This just seems like a completely nonsensical update to me.

  • DR

    I'm treating this as as both a privacy and security issue and looking into alternative voice options.  I'm not sure if this is the intended behavior or if some clients are just mistakenly showing VC activity icons but either way, the UI should be normalized across all platforms. 


    I think it's reasonable to assume that channel permissions would apply to the UI because, until recently, thats how all clients worked:

    1. UserA and UserB are in #voice-chat

    2. UserC does not have connect/speak/any voice perms for #voice-chat

    3. UserC does not see VC activity icons for UserA and UserB, even if they share other channels with these users


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