UI/UX: I refused to update for weeks. Today, I had to.



  • Wolfgalaxy

    Yes it does, and sadly, they're ignoring us all, waiting for it to blow over. It's the worst.

  • LabRAT

    Yep it's true, this update isn't going to go away as said by one of Discord's engineers, I don't have the link to their reddit post but basically the old glitchy code has been completely scrapped, hence why they can't have a button to toggle between old and new


    Psst, if you're like me and absolutely cannot handle it, check out 'Discord Chat Revert' at the better discord library site, or in fact, better discord as a whole

    Works like a charm

  • Xirix

    I had to update today as well and yeah, I feel physically sick with the new UI, it's horrible.


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