bug report: washed out desaturated colors



  • ductelf

    I noticed washed out colours in the new version too, but only when "Appearance > Hardware Acceleration" is enabled. Discord Stable 55236 (52bd1b8)/Windows 10 64-Bit (10.0.18362)/GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/Driver Version 432.00

  • KingRyyusAlt

    This happened to me just recently in 2021 and I turned off hardware acceleration but it didnt work does anyone know a more recent way to fix this

  • Krasny

    Same issue! Thanks a ton for the note about hardware acceleration Ductelf turning it off fixed mine!

    While I am on stable 62228 it was the update before today (62228 I think cameout today june 25 or anyway I was prompted to update) this issue appeared.

    Stable 62228 (8fa6b62) Host 0.0.306 Windows 10 64-Bit (10.0.18363) Geforce 446.14


    Ryzen 3600x GTX 2060 GAMING Z

  • twerkstallion

    Omg I never saw the first comment lol. But I did wind up solving this on my own and can confirm as the OP that is absolutely is the hardware acceleration button. It needs to be OFF to have normal discord colors.
    Thank you guys for your contributions!! I hope this can help other people too

  • phoenixillian

    kinda weird since this thread is a over year old lmao but i've had the issue for a few months and disabling hardware acceleration fixed it THANK U. also before i turned it off, i noticed that embedded video thumbnails were washed out but it looked normal when the video played.

    Stable 88738 (b63dc2c) Host 1.0.9002 Windows 10 64-Bit (10.0.19041), GTX 1650 Ti

  • Jessassin

    Just noticed the same issue, figured I would report it as well.. strange to see so few reports. Hardware acceleration does not seem to change the behavior.

    Here's an example of the sort of desaturationthat is happening:

    The image on the left is what it looks like when you open the following screenshot in Chrome: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/109419447994839040/919000397581008906/image0.jpg

    The image on the right is the same screenshot, but in the Discord app for Windows.

    This feels a bit redundant, but here it is inline - you can see the difference in the name color pretty clearly:

  • Chinny

    having this issue rn there isn't any hardware acceleration option either.

    Can anyone help?

  • dperolio

    Any idea why this is?

  • otakukingly

    In an art group and a friend of mine there had a similar issue it seems the image colors DO change to be less satuarted after multiple tests I ran to make sure it wasn't a transparency/ BG color issue and did a comparison the file you can download luckily is untouched

  • nolem

    I have this issue too. It might be some weird problem with HDR monitors as my old monitor did not have this issue with hardware acceleration on.

  • Chinny

    DD Only like that on the app. I'm using the discord add-on for Operagx. This is all that's here on the 'advanced settings'

  • DD

    Chinny Have you tried disabling this in your browser then?

  • seebs

    I had this happen a few years back (Linux, desktop client). I just eventually made a program which wraps it and calls the Discord binary with


    which fixes it.

    I've been told this means my color calibration/profile is off, and it's possible this is true, but no one who has said that has been able to tell me what, in exact and concrete terms, I can do to change this, and it is completely specific to discord, no other app I use has this problem.

  • DD

    Chinny It is located in Advanced Settings. 

    I disabled it, and colors are now fine on my side. 


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