Preview of Text Files



  • triensi

    Or perhaps there could be a way it would go to Pastebin or some site like that, where we can see the text without having to download and open the file.

  • fabriciolb

    It is the simplest file format, I agree it should have this feature!

  • Divineflush1

    The ability to make long messages send as preview-able TXT files has been on PC for a while. Please, it would be of even greater use on mobile.
    I run a server that requires some members to send messages that would have lots of characters within, they are limited by the character limit and not all have PCs to avoid this.
    It would be great if a file preview function for servers was added. Allowing the mods and admins of the server to toggle file preview for each channel is also a very good addition as well.


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