help my discord gives me black screen (SOLVED!)



  • ImCryptic

    @GamePettingill, that method does not work, this black screen issue is so annoying!

  • Gabe Pettingill 😏


    Try closing the app before searching in the task manager for the Discord 32 bit. If it's running while you search Task Manager, It will appear in the 'Apps' Section rather than the 'Background Processes' section. It has to appear in the 'Background Processes' section to properly restart. 👍

  • Mittzle

    After trying all option provided I am still having this issue. Under the compatibility tab I do not have a Vista service pack 3, only 2. I have tried all the packs available. I have opened task manager and closed the Discord processes running using the little white icon instead of the blue ones, I have tried using the blue ones as well. I'm not sure what else I can do. After every attempt i make it says it has updates it needs, then does the little animation showing their download. 

  • Matihood

    So I'm on Windows 7 and am experiencing the black screen issue. Running Discord in compatibility mode with Windows XP didn't work for me. It NEVER worked for me for any application, game or any other thing where it was suggested. What did work however was disabling Windows Aero. You can do that either through your Windows compositions settings by selecting a composition that doesn't have Aero or alternatively go to Discord compatibility settings (the same place where you turn on compatibility with Windows XP as previous users suggested) and check the "Disable Desktop Composition" option. It'll turn off Aero as long as Discord is running.

    Alternatively, you can try sharing your screen via the Chrome version of Discord where it works for me without disabling Aero or anything like that.

  • Hara-kiri

    How do i fix this

  • PRM Hyro 水

    To anyone still coming across this problem, I fixed my issue by:

    - Open Discord (even if you still got a black screen, just open the app)

    - Ctrl + Alt + Delete > Find 'Discord' and 'End Task.'

    - If you have the Discord App/Icon on Your Desktop, You can Right Click > Run as Admin but I think you can do the same even if it wasn't on your desktop. 

    This is how I fixed my specific issue, Hopefully it helps others.

  • RubyThacker

    so after all these tips im still dealing with this after an update... it logged me out instantly and did this. anyone have any suggestions? im not running windows 7 and task manager doesnt work to stop this.

  • Nentori

    @Angel It worked.Thank you!

  • Assaultツ FTW

    @GabePettingill , i went to task manager and ended the task and relaunched discord , but it is still black screen


  • Gazasarus

    This is how I solved the issue. 

    - Exit Discord

    - Run %appdata% and delte discord directory

    - Run C:\Programdata and delete the SquirrelMachineInstalls directory

    - Run Control and Uninstall Discord from Control panel.

    - Download a previous version of discord (One that will require an update)

    - Install Older version (Right click Run as administrator)

    - Sign in

    - Quit Discord

    - Install Latest version over the top.


    Regards Gary

  • TeKNo the W

    @BİROL EXPERİENCE REQUİEM it worked !! on the windows xp thing the drag and drop doesnt work



    it still not working for me :(


  • --

    @AdiOm If it still isn't working for you, go to the arrow at the bottom of your screen.  then click it. if you have discord open and the screen is black still,  right click the discord thing.  It should say quit discord and etc. Click quit discord and discord should close. Then open it up again. It should work. After you open it, it might say working on updates. 



  • Mark Joe

    The Discord Black and Gray Screen Error while screen sharing or live streaming or at the time of starting the app. It mostly comes because of a network glitch. If your connection is ok plus all the settings are fine, and still, the error is appearing then there maybe 9 or 10 reasons for it.

    This can be fixed easily just you need to apply some changes in your Discord application or in your system setting. The problem is doesn't occur from the discord server but sometimes it may occur because of some misconceptual setting. So just avoid them and enjoy this beautiful live gaming and screen-sharing VoIP app discord.

  • finn he/they/xey

    im on a mac and im having the same problem :( anyone have any answers??

  • breh

    This might sound dumb, but what I did was uninstall and reinstall Discord. When you're reinstalling it, if it says it failed, just restart your computer and try again. When you open Discord, you should already be signed in.

  • kretox_

    Gabe Pettingill 😏 Thanks man, it works perfectly for Windows 10...

    His trick:

    ''Ok, so if none of these other posts did anything for you, I have a trick that might work.

    Hit the windows key and search 'Task Manager'. Once the task manager app is open, find the 'Discord 32 bit' tasks, right click on them and hit the 'end task' option. Once the tasks are ended, re-launch discord. 👍''

  • Quineloe

    Encountered this today on Windows 10.

    Uninstalled, cleared appdata, logged into web client, reinstalled, updated graphics drivers, it just stays a grey screen with nothing to interact with.

    This goes way beyond just ending it on the task manager and restarting and it didn't fix anything.

    Discord on other computer is working just fine.

  • alinah hansen

    When I was looking on google to solve my problem, I saw a guide and it helped me. here is the link -


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