Server Calendars & RSVP Idea




    Great suggestion! Would help with communities plan events and have visual reminders for those who like having something to look at, all centralized in one spot!

  • dessertmonkeyjk

    Bots can handle this task such as Saber-Bot but I agree that having it native to Discord itself would be really useful for planning events on servers and even group DMs. 

  • Morsimo Khan

    Yes please!!! I have to use a Guilded server in addition to Discord for my team right now, simply because Discord doesn't have an event calendar with RSVP features.

  • Asherrylie

    Could we even implement a Merged calendar that has all of your individual invites on it from different servers? Meeting on server 1 at 2:00 and game on server 3 at 4:30?


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