Fix Phone Verification



  • Aleister

    Ive had a similar experience today I usually use discord on my phone and haven't had any problems but when I tried to log In on the PC it asks for phone verification which is fine so I get the code from my phone and input it then it says that this number has been recently used on another account which is impossible because I've only been using in on my phone and I tried to log in to the same account as on the phone but just on the PC but apparently that is unusual activity so I then have up with the PC and was thinking well nevermind I'll just use it on my phone then but then I open my phone discord app (account was already logged in) and it asks for that verification again and again it says used on another account. They really should fix that stupid system or at least have support to fix the problem when I sent a message to support I just got a auto bot message blaming me for using the number on a different account even though I didn't.

  • alltheprettyforces

    I have this same issue constantly. I spend more time trying to log into discord than actually using it.

  • bajosi

    I have alt accounts but when i try to login an alt account it asks me for phone verification. i give my phone but other alts want too but i cant give my phone number more than once in a day... this is sux.

  • kenodoxy

    I had an account which I loved but I had to get rid of it due to phone verification and it’s happening again for no reason

  • Mashiro Shiina

    This is a really big issue, does anyone know how long it takes till it is fixed

  • xlukex

    i have this same issue too and for some reason my cell phone number does not even work for this so like I basically need to stop using the account

  • mycatisabird

    This verification system is actual garbage. I lost an account to this a while back because I am not on a plan, and don't plan on paying for one. Discord is supposed to be free to use. I also see the issue of trying to verify from a country outside of the USA, in some countries, phone numbers are different. Discords sketchy system doesn't recognize a number if it's not +1 apparently. I don't understand why they don't fix this, it doesn't benefit them? Is Discord simply run by morons? Can someone please explain.

  • NOT me DaD

    I am having the same problem currently.

  • blahhhh

    same haiz they forced me to type in 10 digit number

  • Diamond_Plasmaz

    The exact same thing is happening to me. The problem is, I don't have a phone. How exactly am I suppose to verify? This had made me permanently locked out of my account. I had lost all my contacts, especially with my friends. I had a growing server that is now destroyed thanks to this. I don't know what else to do. Perhaps my only option is to make a new account with new email or ditch Discord entirely. I'm not sure if this is random or there is some sort of detection system, because when I was locked out I was spamming invites to people. But I just don't know. If you guys can find a way out of this, please tell me. I would like to sign off with I HATE DISCORD. DISCORD BETTER FIX THIS OR I'LL MOVE TO SKYPE!

  • Fullstop

    Same here the message isnt coming to me about the verification

  • cryptrololo

    Discord has a well know logical flaw in their SMS verification for a while and they just don't give a shit + they have a stupid low rate limit while sending SMS. It s really an unprofessional platform.

  • raton45

    Same problem here, I dont understand how it can be that complicated to log on a basic app. I have an appointment with friends tonight but thanks to discord I'll remain alone. Thank you for not fixing that problem that seems to be old...


  • I can easily relate to these situations after one time of a next.. when I think about it , I dek why every time I try to log in to my same account , it says to verify by email and I'm like "what ? Why?" And when I get the PIN sent to my phone , I enter it and the first thing it said was " this phone number has been recently used for a different account" and the first thing that crossed my mind was " why why does it have to always happen unexpectedly"? But then I'm looking at everyone else's support and it took a while to get back on there.... And like I have friends and also one of my teachers on here... And if discord don't get rid of this feature , people who use discord not gonna use it no more due to this feature that just idk drives people to the edge.. and if this progresses , discord not gonna have much people on there anymore... Due to this feature

  • Helper

    I have this problem too..

    And i manage like 4 Important servers.. i need to Fix it fast.. how?

  • Alexei

    Same problem here.

  • Paul F

    Same issue here and I have submitted 2 tickets about it. My wife checked my account and verified that it was running fine but I cant log in with my account do to this phone code verification mess. I tried those  texted 6 digit codes 8-12  times but the verification prompt wont go away. Also I checked before I had this issue, I DO NOT have 2 part authentication enabled. It is off.


  • Ocelot

    My phone won't receive the damn verification code even if I requested a lot of times.

  • danielbest

    I have the same problem. Just registered a new account, and it happened. I never got a chance to login. Don't know how to fix it! The support desk is helpless.

  • vulpixeevee1225

    Same issue here.  No two factor authentication enabled.  Have always used MacOS app and iOS app with no issues.  Today, I clicked an invite link to join a new server and was presented with the phone verification message, then a message that tells me my phone number is already linked to another account.  None of our family accounts have a phone number linked.  Submitted support tickets and tried reaching out via twitter.  Crickets.  Had to create a new account and new server.  On my kids' accounts, it's still showing my first account as being online.

  • Eager Fusillade

    I had the same issue. I've attached their response. I've also started a Twitter campaign for them to fix the issues and will posting this response every day on my twitter account @Twitter. If enough people start tagging their Twitter account with this issue, it's my hopes they'll finally address the issue.


    I will NOT be starting a new Discord account, I've paid a year for Nitro to support Discord and I get zero support back. 

    to me. 

  • Eager Fusillade

    @EagerFusillade , my Twitter. 

  • Smug Pug

    I am on my third discord account already.

    The first I lost my password for and whenever I asked for a change of password, discord would never email that password change email.

    The second account I had 2FA enabled and then only a few days ago I logged out and now can't log back in because Discord won't text the 2FA code to my phone. I contacted support days ago and they have not answered.

    In the meantime I have made a THIRD discord account which now I am also locked out of because my phone is associated with another account!

    Discord is clearly broken, I'm going to Microsoft Guilded and will be encouraging all my friends to make the move. This is beyond a joke, I've lost messages, servers and friends that to this stupid application. Absolutely abysmal support and customer service!

  • GBWater

    I have the same problem. I always log in on device 1. Today I try to log in on device 2, it got SMS verification problem. Then I cannot log into device 1 either. I kept getting this message "This phone number was recently used on a different account." On top of that, Authy never worked for me, and I ran out of my backup code every time I tried. I regretted I didn't turn off 2FA or try to use Google Authentication.

  • GBWater

    For those still waiting, you can use a different phone number to verify. I just got my old account back with a new phone number.

  • Unknown Username

    Bruh I am an Admin in a discord server that just got started like four days ago and lots of People are dming me!, But Now This Happens: SOMETHING’S GOING ON HERE,and Tells me to tell my phone number to verify,I didn’t even get the verification code,I also used two different phone Numbers and I don’t even know what people are dming me now,YOU GUYS NEED TO FIX THIS!,Just remove the Phone number verification won’t you?,Why won’t u just use gmail or email?,Please help I am an admin of a server!

  • Unknown Username

    Discord Really needs to fix this!,Lots and LOTS of People are having this Problem!,And what are you guys doing? What’s The Problem with only using gmail or email verification rather than Phone verification?,Don’t you guys see hundreds or even thousands of People are having the same problem?

  • Morgan

    Same problem here aswell. Really annoying I haven’t been able to speak to anyone in the past 2 days.

  • Unknown Username

    Wow Discord is ignoring people here

  • Unknown Username

    Hate to say it,but I changed my mind,Skype might be better than Discord


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