Change the requirements for Server Discorvey.



  • sselesUssecnirP

    I've had problems with my phone being stolen or broken and lost access to 2FA- but I just get another device, download Authy, and input my backup password. (there may be one or two more steps in there that I forgot, but it's really easy) 

    2FA, at least in my opinion, is not a headache and it does help better protect your account. I'm not trying to get in an argument or anything... just stating my opinion on the matter! As for this being a server discovery requirement, maybe loosen the 2FA requirements for staff members to a few less permissions? I understand requiring 2FA for people who can Manage Roles, Manage the Server, and Manage Channels... and all the administrative action- but simple moderation like message deleting and changing user names to more appropriate names and such doesn't seem like something that needs to be locked behind 2FA when enabled.

  • DıM

    Im pretty sure even if u delete the app (auth) once u re install it all the previous keys (considering that u never deleted them before manually) would still be there, I just installed my auth app and it had all the keys I've ever made and its been like a year now since I've deleted that app, but I do agree this 2FA is a bit surplus, theres more harm in enabling it then having it disabled since we oughta make more mistakes then being hacked or exploited whatever.


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