Can't see any server icon



  • kathryn

    I've been getting the exact same issue recently. My discord chat is all messed up when I go into servers. Any updates? 

    edit: I just saw the same thing on Reddit, apparently this may work

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  • genxgeek

    Using a macbook pro running Catalina. Re-installing macOs.dmg fixed this. 

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  • BlackSun

    Ay, just because Google has become utterly useless nowadays as I was just trying to solve the same issue for 30 minutes again, after remembering that there was a hotkey to reset and refresh the GUI of Discord, and searching for that explicitly still didn't bring up the specific hotkey it was short of 10 minutes of manual searching... here:

    Hit CTRL+R when in Discord to reset and refresh the GUI to fix these issues.

    Hear me, google? Index and find this when people look for it. Here's some tags for you.
    Discord GUI broken fix icons reset refresh hotkey

    Press CRTL+R to fix it.

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  • kravosk41

    Damn , I've been having the same issue since 2 months now , BlackSun's advice worked like a charm , CTRL + R fixed it .


    p.s i dont know if this is useful to any dev reading this to patch , Im running discord on windows7 ultimate edition 64 bit

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  • Squishy Fawks

    CTRL+R fixed the issue for me too Thank you BlackSun!

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