change unread marker to highlight channels/servers with notifications enabled



  • FatBluDragon

    If only channels with notification turned on show unread markers, wouldn't it basically work like a reverse mute feature? Any other channel who don't have notifications turned on would be treated like a muted channel: You won't get notifications and you won't see that there are messages.

    A simple workaround to that would be by using color coding. To put it simply: unread channels with notifications on now have green dots instead of gray. That way, you can differ between the "important" channels and the "not so important" ones.

    Muted unread channels have no dot;
    Unmuted unread channels have grey dots;
    Unread channels with notifications on have green dots.

    The color can vary, of course.

  • LastExceed

    >  Any other channel who don't have notifications turned on would be treated like a muted channel
    It's not the same as muting, since muting also makes @mentions silent, which I don't want.

    Your color coding idea is pretty good though, I added it to the OP

  • The tenno guy

    This! More servers I join, more troubling this is! Yes, I've got white markings to see unread messages, but they also on sevrers/channels I just don't want to mute(just want to see what there was new messages since last time cheked like it is now). White markers serve different purpose.This was brought up many times before, but no changes... Just make some blue(maybe) dot like the red one, just for channels with notifications on in case there is just some posts without mention. It would be pretty good soulution.

  • Sebas

    Yeah, Discord keeps showing visual notification (unread dot) even if you change your notifications settings to "Mentions Only", which is a real pain in the ass. Hope they change that someday.

  • tea

    Please add this feature. I want to get notified for every mention but also have most of the servers muted.

    Having the unread marker show up on servers which are set to "Only @mentions" and thus also show the red dot in the taskbar make is pretty much useless when you're in many servers with lots of messages.

  • zoliking (XBV-RWJ-HMF)

    I just decided to become more active on discord today, and I have to say this was the first thing I seareched for after marking all the servers I'm on as read. I really don't need new message markers from every channel I haven't set to notify on all messages. It only serves to obscure when things happen in places I care about. Please do something about this.

  • vgopi1

    Seconding exactly what @timo said.


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