massive battery drain on mobile version



  • ༒༻ɮɨռօʏ༺༒

    I have same problem please help discord

  • kaitlynthelemon

    Same issue on Google Pixel 3 and it's only the last two weeks.

  • Jeffrey

    I am having the same problem too. You were so detailed in what was happening and the exact same thing is happening with me. I've tried putting power saving mode on and closing out of all my apps except discord, yet for some reason when Im in a voice chat it'll drain the battery in a matter of a few hours.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S10. Discord please help fix this.

  • A Divine Taco

    I also have been having this same problem 2 days ago. My phone (galaxy note 20 ultra) also grts hot and the battety is drained significantly. It feels like it takes a percrnt everg 1 - 2 min

  • Squizzle

    I'm also having issues with discord draining the battery and heating up my phone to the point the entire app starts lagging badly. This has been an issue for days to week. I'm on Huawei P30 Pro. This needs solved asap, I can't use discord because it's wearing on the battery especially when it overheats.

    This is even without voice. Just using text messages and am having the same issues. 

  • Astramos

    Oneplus 6 - same

  • Hermy

    Since today I also have this exact same issue... Before i just had random disconnects, but now it also drains the battery drastically ! 50% in less than two hours with screen off. - mi mix 3

  • Duloxetine

    Sony xperia xz 2 premium - Same problem. This has been happening ever since I downloaded the latest update.

  • Chopstixx

    I have the same issue, battery drains so quickly last few weeks on my Samsung s20 FE. Please help.

  • d0d0npachi

    Voice only, with screen off. Phone got really warm and was draining battery in 25% per hour!

  • DYL523

    Honor 20-Same Issue

    I was watching a discord stream while on call and the battery was dropping 1% every 3 minutes 

    Also,granting discord microphone access caused the battery to drain faster when using other apps too tf...


  • 1989Nihil

    Same thing here, since last week. Battery usage, even when I wasn't using the app suddenly jumped from 1% to 7%. Active use from 3% to 15%. And by active use I mean text only, no voice or video. Just revoked the apps's allowance to access camera and microphone, will monitor if that does anything.

    Phone: LG K41s, Android Version 10, Software Version: V20b-EEA-XX

  • Haru

    Same issue here, used voice chat only with screen off for 4 hours, 20% of battery was spent on the first 2 hours the phone got a bit warm which is weird for a single call, but after that it got better, used 7% for the next 2 hours and a half, still this shouldn't be happening.
    Also my mic randomly disconnects sometimes.

    Phone: poco x3 nfc

  • cfothough

    Happens on my OnePlus 7T as well, this is the only app that drains my battery significantly for seemingly no reason, going from 100% battery to around 44% in about 2 hours, which is ridiculous. Happens even worse on video calls

  • Nika

    I have same problem, Xiaomi

  • akai

    This issue also started happening on my phone last week. I tried uninstalling and re-installing discord but the problem still persists.

    I hope this issue gets fixed because it doesn't make sense for discord to use more battery than the games I play.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
    Android Version 11

  • greasyspoon

    Have had this issue for over 2 months now. Wtf. Fix it! I have a galaxy s21 ultra and the battery is being drained so much as well as being extremely hot

  • FerryFerosu

    Same problem O.o
    Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro here.

  • Green Wartortle

    Same issue, Jailbroken iPhone.

  • Vallexian | Val

    Green Wartortle Don't expect anyone helping you fixing issues on a jailbroken Iphone. You should know very well that jailbreaking your phone is just asking for issues.

    Anyways, I got the same issue, and so does a friend of mine. Got in contact with discord support and they told me the following: "We are aware of this issue and are looking into a solution. For now, please disable the KRISP Voice Cancellation and Suppression"...So I did, it stopped draining my battery like crazy but still heats up my phone to the point that I can no longer safely hold it.

  • sleeping is lit

    Vallexian | Val KRISP is automatically deactivated on my phone. it still drains. it's discord way of using the camera or display or their usage of kernel. I've been though this with the support for over a year now. I don't expect discord to ever fix this.


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