Up to 4 server Owners



  • !🐺kikopower🐺[Lvl. 1]

    Here are two helpful pages that explains most of it.




    The way server ownership works is that only person owns the server. However, you can divide that power with an with role permissions


    Basically like this.


    @Administrator - All role permissions enabled/Server management permissions

    @Moderator - Non/Lesser administrative/moderation permissions

    @Everyone - Non-administrative/moderation permissions. 



    Roles with the administrative permissions would technically be server owners. But I can see what you're trying to get at. With a consensual multi server ownership, it would feel less like a monarchy/hierarchy and more like a democracy. It would promote equality. 


    However, users should be allowed to make it so that there can be a custom set amount of servers owners on a server. Like 2-10. Maybe even more. 


    One thing that I would like to add though is that all Server Owners would have to authorize a server deletion. 

  • Spanick

    One thing Discord should add is being able to set co-owners. Basically, if you make a server, a tab will appear, saying "Would You Like To Add Someone To Help You On Your Project?" And if you click yes, you can generate a co-owner invite to send to your friend.

    Is this a good idea? With the admin roles, server owners tend to give their admins the "Administrator" permission, not knowing what a destruction it can cause. So Discord should set specific permissions for admins and leave the "Administrator" permission for co-owners.

  • !techdude1610

    I agree! Make Co-Owner options or other owner options!

  • Dongreen1519

    Yeah seriously I'm not tech smart but my co owner is and he can only do so much which kinda sucks.

  • !techdude1610

    please add that option discord!

  • MatizZ

    Yes please add this

  • thatguyintech

    this is a must-have feature -- it's so cumbersome for an org with multiple owner stakeholders not to have co-ownership

  • Dikkepistolet

    I don't think they are gonna do that, because then you can "cheat" with the free nitro of a partner server.


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