Client-Side Nicknames (Nicknames for your friends)



  • BoomRaccoon

    Seriously DISCORD it can't be that hard to add a feature where you rename the people on the friends list.

    I like your creative ideas with the notification sounds and stuff but this is, like the request to block webhook notifications, IMPORTANT.

    the love-relationship is turning into a love-hate-relationship.

  • Robert T

    how is this not a priority yet from discord's product team? It's so hard to remember who is this guy and who is that guy lol.


    2 years, 2 years!!

  • Jarie Suisen

    Agreed as well. Heck, even if it only applied to messaging and not within servers it would be a major help.

    However, as there is no clear indication of comment or improvement from Discord admins though, I'd bet this is a total non-interest to them.

  • Shona - Slayer of Five

    I agree with this completely!  I would love to be able to keep track of who is who when people decide to change their usernames and suddenly I can't find them in my friendlist.


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