Client-Side Nicknames (Nicknames for your friends)



  • Dreadfool

    This would be a really handy feature, please add it, there's no functionality like this in the app atm

  • CupcakeMatch

    I would like to suggest this as well. I'm using Discord more and more and being able to nickname friends would help immensely.

  • 🔥🎄agity

    I agree, this would be a very good additon

  • Greenguh

    Being able to search through DMs by what I know people as would be an excellent addition. Steam has the same feature and it works beautifully.

  • unfortunateevents

    YBJordan how do I use the feature?

  • MeltedButter

    I agree with everything above, this feature is already implemented in steam and would work great in discord! being able to just search my friend up instead of remembering their username (and if they have changed it) would help so much as sometimes I seem to just lose people in all my DMs and friends.

  • l1onheart_ix

    I really hope the discord staff will add this, it would be so useful.

  • Amigo

    This should be a priority feature, at least on a small scale it should not be difficult to implement on a localised level and would be incredibly useful to a very broad number of users. I personally find it very difficult and stressful to keep track of who people are when they constantly change their nicknames.
    The more complex version that persists between servers is something that can be achieved at a later date.

  • Kylon

    Hoping for this feature for the past months. Would be perfect to know who is who :D
    Please Discord-Team!

  • Ro

    Please, Daddy Discord, let me not have to guess the identities of my close friends whose identities I know?

  • I think this feature would honestly improve the website/app because for example you have a friend (Katy) and you have a nickname for them in real life you would probably want there nickname to be that on discord to.

  • sunspotpat

    this feature would be so useful! my friends always change their names and it is so confusing to figure out who is who.

  • RealNC

    I use this feature on Steam a lot. I don't know who "Ababa", "CringeDog" or "xxxxx===SniperPeanutShell===xxxxxx" (or whatever they decided to call themselves today) are. But I know they're Alex, Bob and Jen.

    Notes don't solve this problem. When I see " ꧁༒☬E-MU☬༒꧂" in the chat, I have no idea which of my friends that is. I have to go and see the notes every single time they change their name.

    It's quite annoying, frankly. Please, allows us to stop this madness client-side. Make it so that if I define my own alias for a user, they show up as " ꧁༒☬E-MU☬༒꧂ [Bob]" instead. Perhaps with "[Bob]" being in a different color.

  • CCCSounds

    This feature would be very nice. Keeping a friend's name consistent when they change it often is a great feature to have.

  • Brodysseus

    I just tested the note feature, and I find it useless. Using the Discord for Windows client, searching in your direct messages doesn't search notes to help find relevant results. I don't even know how notes could possibly be integrated into the conversation UI make it easier to identify a user in a conversation without looking bad, be it in a server or a DM.

    That said, changing a user's nickname would be an immensely helpful feature. I can't speak to Steam like other users, but Facebook Messenger implements nicknames by making those nicknames visible to any in a conversation. They're stored by conversation. I think for group chats this makes sense, but it makes less sense for DMs when you're trying to identify a friend. Maybe a friend wants to be called "Clod," but you don't get the Steven Universe reference which makes it harder to remember. Whatever nickname they set in your DM (again, this is on Facebook) is the one anyone in that convo sees.

    I would like to see Discord implement a nickname system where a user can change the nickname of a person they're DM'ing so that this nickname would show in group chats and DMs. It would then be possible to have your custom nickname show in parenthesis and maybe a little faded next to this friend's server nickname if you're in a server with them.

    I appreciate users like aspiers above who come up with custom workarounds, but I would much rather see this implemented on Discord's end so that nicknames can sync by account and without any extra effort on my end as the user.

  • Foxbit

    The closest thing to this I guess would be the user "Note" feature which lets you add a note to somebody's profile

  • corypedersen

    Yes Please add this.  This is a pain for using with Friends and Family.  Every gamer has a handle.  Nice for game servers but I should be able to nickname anyone I want and always have it translate.


  • The Wanderer

    This was the first result I found when google searching for adding nicknames to my discord friends much like steam already allows. I have a few friends that love changing their internet names around a ton along with their profile picture. That is fine and such, but life would be a lot easier if I could see a custom set nickname in grey parenthesis next to their name like on my steam friends list.


    +1 to this thread please

  • aspiers

    I've created a browser userscript to solve this annoying problem:

    Please give it a go and let me know if it works for you!

  • Charlie Gull

    +1 to this feature! We already have it on servers, so I dont see why we cant have this option in our local chat as well.

  • kgbemployee

    +1. It would be quite useful. 

  • cryptonymcolin

    Discord, it's been a couple of years, and we still need this feature.  Please prioritize this.

    More and more people are migrating to Discord as a Facebook replacement, but without this capability, the process is painfully awkward.

  • corypedersen

    These "Fixes"  that people have put here are bandaids and workarounds for a huge oversight.   Do the scripts work on webbrowser version and application version on cell phone?  Native support would be best.  However if there is a non-buggy version that works on all platforms I am game for that for now.

  • Sethroph

    I use this on steam so much and it's prefect - just need it in discord too!

  • Mugatu(he/him)

    As I use Discord more and more and add more and more friends, it is hard to keep track of IRL personas vs their discord handles. Being able to assign them a more memorable name on my side would be really great. 

  • David~


  • Lightshard

    I would love to see this implemented so that it's not a "everyone can see this nickname", especially on larger servers where people don't have that permission. - I do like that feature existing, but it doesn't help for a lot. This is ESPECIALLY true when multiple people on a server have that permission and change each others nicknames all the time. Then I have to hope I remember their avatar and that it hasn't changed, which also doesn't help if they have the default icon...
    I wouldn't even mind if it was a Mouse-Over popup, or a sub-text under their "current" actual name/nickname.
    But adding a Note and then having to click on their pop-up profile every time to see said note is not feasible for an every-day use scenario.

  • BoomRaccoon

    Seriously DISCORD it can't be that hard to add a feature where you rename the people on the friends list.

    I like your creative ideas with the notification sounds and stuff but this is, like the request to block webhook notifications, IMPORTANT.

    the love-relationship is turning into a love-hate-relationship.

  • Robert T

    how is this not a priority yet from discord's product team? It's so hard to remember who is this guy and who is that guy lol.


    2 years, 2 years!!

  • Jarie Suisen

    Agreed as well. Heck, even if it only applied to messaging and not within servers it would be a major help.

    However, as there is no clear indication of comment or improvement from Discord admins though, I'd bet this is a total non-interest to them.


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