hacking / threatening my friend



  • m i at the right place ? 
    or do i need to be somewhere else ? lol


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    I don't know what to say. This is the wrong place that you should be putting this on.


    But if this hacking threat is real, which I doubt it is, you can submit a request via https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new under Trust and Safety > Other Terms of Service Violation with the proof above.


    Hacking, depending on where a person lives, is a crime and should not be tolerated.


    But like I said, I doubt your friend will ever get hacked in the future. Home Wi-Fi routers are equipped with highly advanced firewalls and a dynamic IP that keep people safe from hackers. A VPN can mask that IP address from people who are trying to find it. The ISP (Internet Service Provider) will do the rest. Even then, Discord will not share IP addresses. I would advise you to tell your friend to double check to see if that IP is, in fact, their own. If your friend still isn't feeling quite safe, they can configure the family's Firewall Security Level in the router configuration site while they're connected to their home Wi-Fi. That depends on what ISP your friend's family has.


    I'm not a professional, but here's some advice. If your friend is still not feeling it, I suggest going all out with CCleaner, a VPN, a full virus scan (depends on the OS; or a downloaded virus scanner), max Firewall Security Level, and an IDS which will detect any unauthorized attacks. Flush the DNS cache, delete all sketchy downloads, quarantine malware, et cetera.


    If your friend really isn't feeling it... They need all of the above, a VM (Virtual Machine), and a new IP.


    One more thing, don't go to that website. That amazonaws website is very sketchy. I recommend that your friend reverse search that website with http://whois.domaintools.com/. Then report the website to the website provider. I think that the scammer/supposed hacker runs that website and took your friend's IP from that sketchy site. Don't ever let them go to unsecured websites like that again. Only go to secure, encrypted websites like this or websites with an SSL certificate (i.e. https://) .


    That being said, this discussion is for meant for different people. I have no cause for interference and will not get myself involved in this mess. Please sort out your problems yourself. For Roblox, you can report this user on the Roblox website. I give you no guarantees that something, if anything, will happen. 





    I will go one more step above even though this is teetering on the line of legal territory. I myself will not be a legal representative. There are no guarantees. Depending on the value of how much your friend was scammed... You or your friend may submit a consumer complaint to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission via https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-1.

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    Okay, I would like to re-elaborate on the situation.


    First, this user plans on Doxing/releasing private information such as your friend's IP address. That in itself is a Terms of Service and Guidelines violation. Zero tolerance. This user should be blacklisted from Discord services. 

    You or your friend may report this user via https://dis.gd/contact / https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new under Trust & Safety > Doxxing.


    The second is a possible, but probably still fake, hacking threat. It's a possible DoS attack (not a DDoS/Distributed-Denial-of-Service but a Denial-of-Service). The threat, while probably fake, exists and is also a violation. Again, zero tolerance. Your friend is still protected by many layers of security, but it's still possibly to get attacked.

    Your friend also has the option to report this user for this reason under Trust & Safety > Threatening Behavior.


    I hope you are your friend recover from this ordeal. Stay safe across the Internet.

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    bro wtf is wrong with this dude maaaaan..


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