Channel Invites with Pre-Defined Roles



  • Syneiro

    Many moderation bots already offer this feature, it is not needed.

  • Artemis

    Not what I need unfortunately, I can automatically assign a single role to any person I invite. But let's say I create two categories, and inside them I put two voice channels, Webinar Cats, Webinar Dogs. Then I create an invite link for WebCats and WebDogs, and pass both of them at the same time. I would love then for whoever joins the server by using the WebCats link to receive the CatsStudent role, while those who join by using WebDogs link to receive the DogsStudent role.
    As it is, I can only assign one single role automatically to whoever joins the server, but it's not that useful because I can just create channels for "everybody" and use those, because anybody who joins will simply automatically match the "everybody" role.


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