Use Invite Link Without Discord Account



  • Fyce

    You can actually already do that.

    Just create an invite link, and give it to anyone. After opening it on their web browser, they will get asked to provide a username, agree to the ToS... and that's it.

    The in-browser app will open with a pop-up asking for an email and password in order to save everything, but you can just click it away and start doing mostly everything like a regular registered user.

    You can test that yourself by generating an invite link and opening it in incognito mode on your browser.

  • flyspork

    Unfortunately that is not accurate. You have to enter a name (and it must be unique), then verify your humanity by clicking on pictures, then lastly enter your age.

    Unfortunately, it appears accounts are required to join a discord chat.

  • Anglesia Joseph

    still lost



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