better Quotes in Chat



  • Patrick Schlesier 2 Account

    a very good idea. then the text of the quote is separated from the answer and each quote is clearer

  • PanzerFowst

    Yes, I was just going to say something about the quoting feature needing a wee bit more work!


    I 'd definitely agree that the quote and the answer should be separated!  Right now, it is hard to tell if it is a quoting feature because all it really seems to be is a Reply-To feature.  I quote the person and tag them in response.  While this could be useful, I think maybe a better way to Quote someone instead of just Reply to them would be for the quote to look just like when they sent the message.  Such as:

    And perhaps another feature could be that the timestamp and the reactions and such for the quote are also live?

    This could either be a separate feature called Quote and the old feature could be renamed Reply-With-Quote or something to that effect or something else entirely if people still want the tag in there.


    Personally, I'd rather just quote someone and tag them personally rather if I am specifically replying to them instead of having to delete the tag when I just want to quote that person's message for others.

  • Patrick Schlesier

    who is quoted should already be marked to reply to it @PanzerFowst[L-F-E]


  • PanzerFowst

    Maybe?  I've mostly just seen quotes as something that draws attention to what someone else said rather than replying to that person with their own message.  It doesn't make sense to me that one needs to reply to someone by telling them exactly what they said.

    I sort of see it, but I'd rather not have a bazillion mentions just because a lot of people wanted to quote me.  Simpler to have it as either two features Reply and Quote or just have people add in a mention if they want to reply to the person using Quote than to have a quote with a lot of confusion about what comes where and to who etc?

  • argent_

    The quote markup is great, but what I would really love to see is a special thing for quoting entire messages - a link to the original message, some kind of border around the message content, and a clear separation between the quoted content and the new message I am typing.

  • Ryhleia

    I definitely think there should be a better/more concise way to quote.  I sort of like the idea of pretty much a picture/link of what someone was to see if they scrolled up to the quoted comment.  Either way, it would be nice if it could be more more clear what someone is saying and what they are responding too.

  • ventrilo

    These enhancements are badly needed. The quote feature is very shabby


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