Allow us to select multiple messages to delete at once



  • [TMG]Vexbane

    or simply being able to keybind a delete function. 

    if i could just hold shift and hit the delete key to delete messages.... would be a godsend. 

  • argent_

    I wouldn't mind Right Click -> D (to delete), P (to pin), and Q (to quote) instead of actual hotkeys.

  • k hi


  • argent_

    This is also handy when moderating a channel and needing to delete multiple messages, often by multiple users. 

    Seems hard to implement well though...


  • K!

    I'm glad some people had the same idea as me. While setting up your server it gets time consuming to delete old messages.

  • Slightly Civil

    Not only for moderation, but being able to mass delete messages for a variety of reasons. I am trying to clean out messages from one of my channels and even with the shift + delete function its taking forever (Especially because it refuses to work after deleting 10 messages so I have to wait a minute for it to catch its breath.). Having the ability to Ctrl+Shift to select multiple messages, then going to one and pressing the delete option would be a good addition

  • goman98



  • FUBA

    Still can't understand how this is not a basic implement? 2 years since then and still can't select multiple messages. what is the reason behind this?

  • MrWittur

    Why isnt there an option to “select all” and “remove selected”

    searach for  the user in question, click "select all" and “remove selected”?

    if my mail inbox can do it, why cant discord?

    please ad this function

  • SameD

    Hi, I managed to delete multiple messages choosing message per message and deleting fast everyone with this sequence of keys:

    Richth Click > Up arrow > Enter > Enter

    With this combination of keys, I can delete 1 line message per second. That is the fast way I can do that.

  • HeyuLa.Emirhan

    Easiest way, hold the "shift" and click delete button top right of the message.

  • Abram Bailey

    So easy in telegram… 4 year old issue!


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