Horizontal Server Bar



  • Marvelous

    Yes this please, also horizontal servers list has more space for more server to be appear at one time on the screen, Horizontal space >> Vertical space on a screen.

    It should be look like this.

  • Majorsloth13

    @Marvelous That's exactly like what I was thinking it should look like.

  • Marvelous

    When they gonna make this come true, horizontal can contain many more server appear at the same time on the screen, It's a life changing thing. I missed a lot of DM and late reply just because the DM is on top of the current vertical server list and I'm chatting in the server that at bottom of list.
    Please, just please do this, I'm joining a lot of server just to read news and announcements from the product that I care about, so having a vertical server list right now is a painful experience.


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