New Mobile UI



  • Zansatsuu

    All of these changes make the app harder to use and it just doesn't feel as smooth or streamlined. I want the old style back

  • PhillipJFry

    It's jarring, not to mention unsightly

  • Syntax

    The bottom part feels too large for me. Probably needs some adjustment.

  • TwitchyTyrant

    I hope they change it back in the next update.

  • Rath.

    Alpha user. The changes being made to android are not good at all. It's taking up more space for useless information, making it take longer to do basic functions, and overall less attractive on the eyes. Really not liking how android is starting to emulate the iOS design. If I wanted an iOS style, I'd buy an iPhone.

    Definitely going to be installing an older APK if these changes keep happening.

  • RupertBEARRR

    Going to agree with this post, the UI changes just don't feel right with the overall design language that Discord had created over time, it's also harder to swipe now...

  • Grefyrvos

    The new text box for typing needs to go.

    Extra button press to get back to add an image if you were already typing is bad design to begin with, the fact that it is *always* white, even on the DARK theme, is also bad design, AND, even if that last part were fine, once you start typing to overwrite the placeholder text, the font color changes from what was a readable grey to a grey that is far too light to actually read what you're typing!

    Prefectly readable:

    Unreadable color:


    I don't know who was in charge of this catastrophe, but they have awful UI instincts.

  • Offline_User

    Moving the chat away to reveal the user/channel lists underneath seems, backwards?

    The chat has been the main focus, being this is a chat application, and without it moving it serves as a solid "anchor"

    Yeeting it to the side is jarring and unnatural.

    Alongside this, why am I signed up for the UI test by being in the server that discord advertised as a server for reporting bugs?
    And why was the announcement that it was happening hidden in a channel that requires you to sign up for a specific role to see?

  • Ryan.

    I agree with that, the latest couple of updates including the status bar at the bottom on the android version really look poor, especially the latest update where the chat window moves rather than pulling in menus is just poor design. Really really hope you get your act back together, discord is a brilliant service but recently your UI team seems to be trying to destroy it.

  • hamster

    The new attachment button is extremely annoying, attaching images is now two taps where it was just one before. And what do we get in return? The ability to take pictures (which I never do) in two taps, like we already had. The text box and send button themselves are also large and unsightly, and feel slightly Facebook-esque. I'm not a fan.

  • Zebra_Zach

    I dislike the fact that when I tap and hold on a message, the Message I'm highlighting doesn't show up anymore so its a guess if I'm actually deleting the right message or not 

  • Zen

    I really hope this is only temporary. This is the first time I ever write here, just because I care enough for this change to be reverted.
    The simple + to add image was waaaaay better than now.
    And the send button often hides away, so I have to press the text field in order to send my message.
    Somehow the text field now enables autofill as well, so I keep getting autofill prompts.

    Never happened before this update!
    This sucks

  • Legoclub22

    Please, do not move buttons. I want to be able to actually know where the freaking buttons I want to press to do what I'm trying to do are. I don't want to have everything on the bottom of my screen, I want them sorted to different corners based off of what they do, how it was before.

    And can we take a minute to loathe the fact that they made the chat move, like it's some deck of cards? I tried very hard to just ignore this, and every time I tried to switch channels, I was immediately reminded by the jarring, unnatural, and backwards way that the chat panel moves over others. You can't just switch what overlays what like this.

    And why would you ever decide to round the edges at the top of the screen? I can't even put into words how bizarre this feels.

    Essentially, what discord has done here is decide that your comfort and familiarity do not matter. You can't be happy with how things look and work. You can't be allowed to tap a gear icon to go into settings. You can't be allowed to have your friends list at the top of your screen. No. Your familiarity and muscle memory are only in the way of progress to discord.
    Because if it ain't broke, break it, apparently.

  • DimensionalRun

    I don't understand why the gear icon on the settings button was changed. The UI feels much more difficult to navigate.

  • I don't understand why they make it so hard for mobile users to be in a call and text in a text chat at the same time. This recent update made it so I can't see who's talking at the bottom of the screen/I can't see who's in the call because I have to tap a very tiny section the top of the screen. I don't understand why they have to make everything so BIG either. Why do they add so many extra buttons? Changing from push to talk to voice activity quickly is a hassle because now they add an extra layer to it.... For what???? Everytime mobile UI updates it's NEVER good. I'm seriously considering using another app or at least reverting using an APK.


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