Threaded Messages 2020



  • TheDoctor

    @Discord Team

    Please reply to these requests or at least explain why there is still no option for threaded messages. As manager of an important community, this feature alone would be enough for us to start using discord only


  • gonsi

    Once people learn to use threads its so much easier to have conversation about different topics independently.

    Once you learned them its hard to live without!

  • elliotttate

    I absolutely agree! This would be SO nice.

  • danielyeoda

    Yes please. This will reduce # of channels need to be created as well!

  • Ankit Thakur

    Me as running a study group, me and my team would appreciate the whole developer team if they are going to make this happen, because Discord will be much useful for all the groups like me and lots of communities if this is going to be happen, 
    It will really make easy to discuss on different topics in just a single channel.


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