Discord has been currupted on my pc and I cannot fix it or uninstall it



  • Jough

    TozePataniscas for me neither one of the folders existed.

  • Indigo Haired Possum

    I literally cannot uninstall it. I have ZERO discord processes open. I can't delete the file named ap-1.0.9002 because the thing claims that it's open. This is some kind of sick joke.

  • jobin

    i deleted discord in the appdata files, but cant seem to delete the discord file in the local app data files. it says i need admin permission and i press continue with the shield icon, and the file is still there.

  • Haze

    Immcurrently having this problem, discord just wouldnt open and has not been able to open so i tried deleting and it wont even let me delete the folders as it says i do not have permission. Built the PC myself like 2 weeks ago lmao how is it not my own. Clownfest.  

  • swabalaba

    i deleted discord from %appdata% and %localappdata% but when i try to uninstall it says "cannot find file C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Discord\Update.exe" what do i do?


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