Set output sound to windows default playback device



  • sshogrin

    I have the same "issue". When setting discord to use "default" for mic input and speaker output, it doesn't work. I have to manually set devices in discord as well as in Windows 10. It's like discord isn't reading the system input/output settings.

  • Barsik

    It's not only a discord problem. But discord could fix it. The problem is that discord uses the default communication device, which is right. But windows doesn't provide a good way of changing that. When you change the device from tray, it only changes the playback device.

    Playback device is used for app sounds, communication device is used for voice chat applications mostly.

    Anyway, since I got tired of that, I decided to solve it myself.

    Pleasetake a look at this github project

    Basically it is a windows service that automatically changes the default communication device, when you just change the default device from tray, as you would usually do. In discord settings just use default.

  • HennyPennyPooPoo

    I also have this issue.

    Also, holy conoley Barsik, I've always thought about programming my own fixes to annoying problems like these but you actually did it!

    Great stuff :)

  • Leah96xxx🌈

    I also have this issue. I haven't tried changing my input device (I haven't needed to so far) but the issue definitely does exist for output devices.

    Barsik talks about the default communication device, however "default communication device" only affects input devices and, like they say, this isn't the easiest to change through Windows anyway.

    Personally, I prefer set to my inputs per-app since I have different inputs for different purposes but I always use the tray icon to switch between my speakers and headphones. However, most basic users likely only have 1 input and 2 outputs - a mic, speakers and headphones.

    Barsik is right in saying it's not just a Discord issue, but other apps with similar issues can also be fixed by their devs just like Discord can.

    I may be wrong here but from what I can tell, at least in terms of output devices, it seems that Discord uses Windows Audio Session when instead it should be using Direct Sound or something similar. iTunes is a perfect example of this: When set to use Windows Audio Session, iTunes will not automatically change output device, however it will change automatically if it is set to use Direct Sound. If I'm right then Discord's devs should definitely look into this.

    I'm not sure if Direct Sound also affects inputs but I'm pretty sure there is a similar system that will. Even if it only fixed the output switching, it would still make things a lot easier for Discord users if a system like this was implemented.

    Also, I'm sorry Barsik but we shouldn't have to install a third-party service just to partially fix something that Discord's devs can implement themselves, especially since most of us probably care more about the outputs rather than inputs. No disrespect to you of course since I know it takes time and skill to code things like that and I respect that you went out of your way to do so. Sorry for the pings too btw.

  • AlwaysTired

    I just discovered that I have this issue as well.

  • Leah96xxx🌈

    Why is my previous post still pending approval?

  • skiwee

    Thank you so much Barsik. Makes discord so much easier to use!

    Everyone else struggling, just install his free software, its open source and has no viruses.

  • oranjiee

    Thank you Barsik! this made life so much easier!


  • TheBoostedGraven

    I have this same issue too. I would rather not install a random users hotfix for I don't know what It might contain. is there an ETA on this feature?

  • Barsik

    It's on github and it's open-source everybody can take a look and see if there's anything in it, but there's nothing in it, other than the device switching.

    Also, as you can see, this was requested 2 years ago, and they didn't even consider this, so I don't think you should expect this feature anytime soon. 

    Maybe windows will fix it someday, but on windows 11 it is even worse, for now at least.

  • mironsy

    Unironically thank you so much. This is some GOAT shit, I expected not to find anything about this issue and you literally solved it with 1.7 MB, thanks man.


    This is amazing!!! Never had any issues with Windows 10, but as I updated to Windows 11, I was getting mad as the new Windows has an obligated "default for audio" and "default for communication" selections for output devices that cannot be attribute to two different output devices at the same time. It has sense, as they are "defaults".. but in this way Default in Discord's Output Device list in its settings (precisely in "Voice & Video") looses its function.

    In Windows 11 it is only possible to set only one output device as a "default for audio" and/or as a "default for communication", without having for example two different outputs both attributed for communication, so that Discord could output from what I select in the audio taskbar menu where I see all my audio output devices.

    So as I have a monitor with speakers and headphones, on Windows 10 I had Discord following as output what I was choosing in my audio taskbar menu...but on Windows 11 the only solution is your app as it solves everything, as it gives full audio AND communication defaults to the output device that is selected in the taskbar!!!

    Thank you very much


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