UI change on Android



  • 魔王ゆみす(JSK工房)

    I can say the same thing. There was no reason to change the UI layout for Discord. I would prefer it if there was an option for the old layout and the new layout.

  • Frisk

    I can agree. There have been quite a few instances of UI changes recently that have been unnecessary, and frankly awful, but this one has sort of hit a nerve, if you will.

    PLEASE go back to the old chat bar. With the plus, and whatnot. Any normal human can work with it that way. This one is awkward looking, and annoying to deal with. Make it how it was, where we could just hit the plus, and select a photo, or a file, or the camera. This new update to that was COMPLETELY unnecessary, and totally bothersome. It doesn't even look like Discord anymore; the lighter-colored bar filling the bottom little bit of the screen was much better, better looking, and is the discord we're all used to.

    On top of that, there's the additional issue of the new design on the 'Online' list that's been bugging me.

    First, I'll mention the addition of the Invite Members button to the online list. That's fine. It seems more logical there, as opposed to above the server list. But if you are gonna put it there, take it OFF of the channel list. We don't need both. Pick one spot, and keep it there; many of us play in settings where we have absolutely zero desire to add more than 2 or 3 people; we don't need our screen taken up by an ADDITIONAL prompt to "invite members".

    Next, right above the online list. The addition of the Search/Pins/Notifications/Settings bar is not needed. The two stylish buttons (the ••• and the magnifying glass) we have next to the channel name on the main screen do more than fine. This is another instance of the 'pick ONE spot for it' sentiment from above. In this case, I urge you to use the old one though; the bar on the online list seems to take up far too much of my screen, and the design is not really all that suiting for discord.

    And lastly, I will bring up the horrific change of the 'private messages' button a while back. Go back to the people standing next to each other! This "text message" button is ugly, noncentered, and asymmetrical. Go back to how it was!

    Those are my primary concerns. I hope you change things back to the way they were. Or at the least, make the UI marginally customizable--able to hide certain buttons, change certain things back to 'old style', or whatever else. The new UI changes y'all are making right now, though, are getting more and more bothersome with every update.

    Thank you Discord Dev Team for all you do! Please take this stuff into consideration. I've been using Discord for years, and probably 6 or more hours a day on average are pumped into solid time spent chatting (I'm a lifeless nerd okay?). I'd love to keep using Discord for years to come. But the UI updates y'all are doing lately are only making the app more difficult or more unsightly, to so very many people. "Don't fix what isn't broken", you know?

  • BruStep2

    I agree with all of that, also why do you have to make everything with round corners in order to make it look "modern".
    That's like a cliche of making everything circular. By the way, the new UI "Improvement" is just confusing and uncomfortable to use, especially the channel/ friends chat tab, also, to set or change status, we have to go into settings, it's just impractical.

  • Keiko

    can anyone tell me the last version number that still used the old chat bar?


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