Remove ID verification for Bots

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  • Vrezmo

    I wasn't aware of this problem until neko chan was made no longer available to join discord servers, discord is taking itself too seriously here. I understand both sides of the argument but ID verification is way too far. Anyone else feel like discord is building a more questionable rep?

  • Dickscord

    this is absolutely useless, it's equivalent to asking for a passport and other information when you get to 100 subscribers on youtube, discord please fix this I'm only 13 ffs 

    and my parents think discord is a cult so theres NO WAY they're ever gonna do this for a discord bot

  • Moi

    I totally agree! Me and my friend worked extremely hard on a bot, and now we can't grow it past 100 servers! How stupid is this? As students, we don't own the right to our passports, our parents do. And we aren't old enough to get a driver's license either.

  • OF3K

    I agree!

  • Permanently deleted user

    Why dose discord not just add a report as spam button for users

  • juancho

    this definitely is discouraging me from making my own bot

  • Gill Bates

    How is this fair

    Are you trying to kill of your platform? I am under 18, and I cannot provide any ID to you. Why do you have to do this, even as a spam prevention method? How is this acceptable. I have to provide my ID like I am travelling to another country? I'm surprised you even dared do this. I used to like Discord and it's policies, but now you made me hate you. My bot cannot surpass 100 servers because of your stupid ID verification requirement. Why do I need to provide my ID as if I am a company? At least provide reasonable alternatives. I know you probably will not see this comment, but if you do, PLEASE consider all the young people under 18, who spent their own time and money just to be stopped by a stupid system.

  • Gill Bates

    @... I agree, they could just add a report feature instead of making this stupid ID system.

  • squeegily#7499

    Here, I've taken this question in a more productive/discourse-based direction:

    #360052654733: How is "Verification" ID data used?

  • JohnSmith777779

    Discord doesn't care about the users. There isn't much of a reason to because they can always find more.

  • Usagiyama

    I completely agree with the bot owners and understand their situations 100%. There has to be a way to petition this to the developers of Discord so that they realize their mistake, and remove this verification step completely! This is outrageous! Why do you need an ID, when you can just verify with other methods as stated?! Removing the maximum amount of servers ANY bot can join, especially Neko Chan, is definitely one that MUST BE DONE!

  • Asterio🪐

    yes please remove it. my bot got added in 75+ servers yesterday and my parents wont let me use the passport as they think its some virus site , yes VIRUS site

  • Lorem.

    ByteAlex "If you're not ready to take responsibility for your bot, you should ditch it." 
    First of all, there is a difference between caring about my privacy and not taking responsibility for my bot. If I did not take responsibility for It I probably would not care much about it and thus would not be here.

    I put a lot of work, and time with the bot. Obviously if I knew from the start that Discord would do this, I would have been able to consider ditching with no much problems. Right now ditching is not a good option after all the work, time with the bot and website, and money I've put in to host them. This takes away the our privacy. At least it would have been better if they let us have more than 100 servers even if there is no badge. When It comes to my privacy (that discord does not have a right to) I don't care about a badge. You say discord takes this as a small job. Well It's not a job, we don't make money out of it (at least most don't). I did not agree to do a job, I just want to host a bot for people to use.

    If this is to prevent scam bots. How are scam bots going to be in 100 or more servers? Of course it's possible but the likely of this happening is not a lot. I believe partly it could be to stop scam bots or whatever they say. But mostly it's to get our data. It already requires that we have a phone number to make discord bots, that's our phone numbers, IPs, emails, and probably more info about us Discord already has.  not willing to give more.

  • ByteAlex

    What do you think the data you're receiving via Discord WS is worth? All the user data, the presences, the messages and their content?It's simply to protect users from scraper bots. Deal with it. Discord is a company. Discord is responsible for the data handled via their platform. You get to receive more data than on any other chat platform via API, so stop whining about having to expose your ID as a token of security to all those users who chat in servers with your bot.With your ID they can make you responsible for the data transmitted to you. And thats a major purpose of that. If you don't understand that, you're probably to young to work with that either way.


    All these kids complaining about "this is outrageous" or "no sane person would do that". Yeah no, I don't know anyone in the range of 100k-16kk servers range of bot devs who did complain about this for more than a day. And all of those completed this verification, as their bots wouldn't be useable anymore at this point.

  • Lady Dreya


    You completely miss the point.  There is NO reason for ANY developer to provide PERSONAL information.  None.  People do this for the love of programming and discord.  For the insanely small amount of bots that are malicious, this is much like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.   Discord has zero right for personal legal documents of an individual.  All they should be doing is verifying a person is real.  And that can be done with a series of things, including email verification, TFA and even an initiated dialogue with Discord staff.  

    Asking for this information is a complete breach of trust.  Discord has ZERO right to hold on to personal data for any reason.  

    This policy doesnt solve the issue, it exacerbates already existing issues.  It creates a hostile environment for open development by putting barriers in place for the honest bot developer.  It flies in the face of everything most open software developers work towards as well.  

    Once there is another platform that works like Discord is developed, I will be switching if this policy is not reversed (or at least remove the personal legal document requirement from the verification method), as the verification is a massive legal overreach.  

    I am sure this is illegal in many countries as well.  Where I live, there are pretty big privacy laws and at no time is it required to provide legal docs to anyone unless you are transacting large sums of money (for AML purposes), a bank, healthcare and governmental services.  Discord is and does none of these with bot developers.  

    No, in the end, if Discord has to verify someone, they should do it with industry standard methods.  They should not be asking for legal documents to prove your identity.  

  • BaconErie

    Support. One of the biggest points of verification is to prevent Discord users from stealing private information. The current verification system has done that, however it presented a new problem: Discord taking your information.

    If there must be compromise, possibly making privileged intents unavailable to those who haven’t verified their ID maybe one idea.

  • Bumblebee

    Yes! Are they trying to promote some "minors cant code" movement?

    ID card= invalid,

    And How should we get drivers licence without being 18+?

    or probably a voter ID will do?(dont forget im under 18)

  • Skyy

    Please remove this stupid verification system!


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