New call UI



  • PatDraws

    What i personaly hate the most about this new UI is you can't easily see who's muted and that just sucks.

  • emiiy

    it's so ugly!!!!

  • 85° angle

    I strongly agree; the huge blocks for private vc's are horrible, especially when you're sharing screens. When you were able to expand the shared screen/minimize the chat, it would expand the shared screen, but now with the new UI its horrible and I can't see their screen like I used to a month back. I don't want to have to use pop out or full screen expansion and I also do not have the luxury of purchasing another monitor.... 

  • LoneFox

    What I hate most is that the video calls now, the other person you can see, it used to be full screen but now they're a small little rectangle that doesnt even go close to filling the screen. It literally looks like they took Zoom's meeting app UI for meetings into Discord's video calling UI

  • Exora

    its starting to look like skype...and thats big NO!

  • sean

    I'm inclined to agree. I don't like the big rectangular call icons, it's just not clean looking at all. I seriously thought it was an April fool's joke. I like the new call control icons though, those look nice.


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