Please revert the newest UI update



  • Vulf

    Yeah now its near impossible to share screen and type at the same time not to mention 50% of the screen space just filled with portraits.

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  • Bearinator

    I very much dislike the dead space from giant profile icons and the inverted screen share.  I can't hardly see anything without hiding the chat and I can't read anything on the screen that I'm sharing.  This was a very bad update. :(

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  • roundbox

    I'd rather have the small square previews back rather than vertically letterboxing the right half of the screen just to see my own camera during screen share.

    Please revert!

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    Yeah, worst UI update I've seen in awhile for any app.

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  • ᛒᛖᛈᛁᛋᚡᛟᛚᛖᚾᛏᛁᚨ

    But.. but why they did so? What was the idea? Designer, please tell us, I'm really curious.

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  • Praisethevillain

    Yeah this is terrible. Why bother making our icons small circles if they're going to put them in this huge ugly boxes? If I click on the person screensharing, I can't see who is in the call, who is talking, or if they're muted or not. Way too much dead space on the screen. Discord, please change it back the way it was.

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  • Reaper666735

    worst idea ever, revert is so needed !

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