UI Update



  • ruy

    I agree, there was nothing wrong with the old layout. If they wanted to add in a new UI atleast give people the option to switch between the new one and the old one.

  • YM2612

    the new UI is them trying to be 'minimalist" while effectively maximising the amount of taps/presses you need to make to send a message, thanks discord

    please just revert message ui its literally terrible to handle and to look at, don't forget your roots, you aren't just ANY messaging app, so stop trying to fit in

  • xttweaponttx

    I so disagree! I think it looks incredible! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I agree. I dislike the new UI, such as needing to click an added arrow to access pictures, where it drops my keyboard meaning now if I want to send an image to a chat, I have to press an added few buttons which is rather inconvenient.

  • Keiko

    whats the last android apk version that uses the old UI?

  • ruy

    I believe its 15.6, thats the one I'm using and it has the old UI on it.


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