New Video Call grid function



  • Sentay

    I agree 100%.

  • Pluurankeli

    Yup, agree with this too! At least an option to revert back would be hugely appreciated.

  • wolfos

    I agree! I don't use mic when I call with my friends, so it makes it really annoying that I can't really watch a screenshare and be able to chat at the same time. it also doesn't make much sense to have the icons of people who aren't even screensharing be the same size as the screenshare?

  • Razyel D'Ropa

    Ah thank you guys, I thought I am the only one that was confused, especially by the same size thing.

  • Raven D'Ropa

    Hey there (and hi Raz, dear!!), I'm not super crazy about the new video format either.  All I want is to please have the option back to just show a selected person without getting rid of the chat?  And less wasted black space.  I don't always want to see my face in half of a window off to the side and I definitely don't want empty space everywhere else.

    It's cool otherwise for stuff like big group chats, but it's driving both my boyfriend and I a little crazy already.  I posted a feedback thing to Discord in hopes that it'll help make a difference.

  • Danisaur

    Could not agree more, please revert this change! Even the new "join call" feature is horrific. I love Discord, but this is such an unwelcome and frustrating change. 

  • Ashe

    These changes are very frustrating, I liked just having the small overlays instead of having this stacked stuff. Please let us go back to the old look

  • BreD

    The number of clicks just to have a standard video has doubled which is really poor. And that's not including how long it takes to figure out how to just have the other person full screen instead of the member list.

    There's also no feature to have the other person only when you are not using fullscreen. This makes video chat basically unusable when you're using other applications on your computer.

    The UI also has no clear separation of the 'member list' on the right either, which initially makes it look like there's a bug where it thinks there's 3 people in the call.

    Please revert this change, it's incredibly frustrating to say the least.

  • Legi0n12

    Remove the list of users on the right during a video call. Or add a setting to disable this.

  • Chrotesque

    I can't upvote this enough, please revert. I'm going mental. I got used to seeing my video partners video feed + the chat and now I have to look at my own stupid face the entire time as wel or fullscreen the video partner and lose chat. This seems like a minor change but infuriating to me :/

  • Ayarea

    Kind of annoying that you can't have the previous way of the interface. Hope there will be an option to choose this setting yourself. 

  • Meridian

    Such a huge waist of screen space they implemented, it's literally terrible 

  • wzwerver

    I use discord exclusively to one-on-one videocall, I like to have the chat open because we use it a lot, and with the new update, my partner's cam is only 50% of what it was, i'm now seeing my own face, which isn't interesting, and a metric tonne of empty space. When I close the chat, still 20 - 30% of the screen is wasted for black bars which i guess would give room for group calls? But i'm not in a group call, and I won't be.

    I'd like for the option to have a one-on-one call to not act as if it's Zoom. Because honestly, I switched to discord because Skype's interface was garbage. If discord also gets bad interface, I'll go back to skype..

  • Luvythicus

    Oh god how I hate this. We use the chat to leave messages and images all the time. I'm also the only one who tends to stream, so... This just messes everything up. Either it has giant empty blocks everywhere, OR its fullscreen so people can't do anything while watching. PLEASE CHANGE THIS BACK. ITS AWFUL.

  • Luvythicus

    Its also mirroring my view in Discord for me, even though I'm sharing my browser, not a webcam. At least my friend sees it normal, but that is still incredibly awkward. What happened?

  • Master_Masashi

    Why change what was never broken in the first place? Please revert this update. It's terrible.

  • YM2612

    this feature makes no sense, even in a work or school setting. why would your boss or teacher want to see their own face? why would YOU want to see your own face when you're in a call with several others? discord twitter doesn't even know what's going on. "please refresh your discord and see if that fixes it?" yeah sure. this was a terrible update and they're trying to save face by pretending it's a bug. nobody asked for this, even. it even makes discord perform worse. just apologize and revert it already.

  • Akutagawa.

    Would be nice if you could pick the main screen to watch and hide/minimize others during DM call. I don't want to see my icon with a huge rectangle around it - I'm only interested in what's shared by my friend while actually using the chat. I hope it gets reverted back or at least they can add a chat box on full screen mode.

  • Küsanagi

    Bumping this post for all the same reasons, get your s**t fixed discord

  • CybeastID

    This change is, in the words of Mario Maker people, hot garbage. If you like to screenshare, you literally can't because it also decides it needs **empty** video windows for people off to the bloody side on a call. There is no option to fullscreen the screenshare like you used to be able to.

    Your interface is becoming more and more like Skype. And people HATED that interface for good reason.

  • Razyel D'Ropa

    Hello again!

    Well just to make it clear. In our eyes this may be a mistake but the developers definitely had something in mind when making that update. They dont have to apologize or justify themselves. I just want them to consider giving us the option to change between old and new or take the best of both systems and form something even better.

    Please everyone, be polite.


  • flarez

    A toggle to revert or a straight up reversion would be great and I hope this layout change gets resolved soon. I despise looking at those squares even when nobody is sharing any media in the call.

  • Lokana

    When in a video call, click "Member List" in the upper right portion of the call. This will get rid of the other members and make the focused person full screen. You won't see yourself as a small screen however. 

  • Razyel D'Ropa

    Thats already known but not a solution to the problem I have since it still disables the chat.

  • Trishields

    Even if you click member list, you will still be unable to chat + view the stream in full screen. This is such a bad, bad design choice on their behalf. Totally narrow minded to assume everyone using the client would use Mic to communicate and not chat at the same time.

  • Daphadoo

    When I'm video chatting I miss having the small window up in the corner, that way it doesn't make the person I'm chatting smaller but I can still see myself. Now I either can't see myself or the person I'm video chatting has to be smaller. Do not like this new update.

  • Razyel D'Ropa

    Issue was resolved! When you click to focus on a specific person now, it goes into a bigger window like before and the chat is available!

    Thank you Discord-Team!

  • SkyFalcon

    My Fiancee lives in Canada and and I live in the states we use video call all the time unless we are going out somewhere. Making the video call of the other person smaller just annoys me. Like the old saying goes if it's not broken don't fix it. That really goes in this case the older version was fine. Her and I are so used to Discord we don't really want to change to something else but when you go in full screen and you don't get a full screen it kinda sucks. I lose a 1 inch from top and bottom, 1 and a half inch from the left, and on the right I lose almost 3 and a half inches that's being in focus to the other person it don't fill the screen up like it used to. So it would really be nice if they change it back.

  • SkyFalcon

    Thank you Lokana for you Comment that made it where it filled a little bit more of the screen :)

  • RymanSquids439

    I can't stress enough how bad this is. Since quarantine I've been split-screening where I have discord open video calling my friend on one side, and doing work on the other. Was doing perfectly fine until this update where now my friend is only a box sitting in an emptiness of black. Doesn't make any sense and is far worse than pre-update. No idea why they would try "fixing" anything that wasn't broken. So HEY DISCORD. WE REQUEST THAT YOU CHANGE BACK BECAUSE THIS IS NOT GOOD. Thanks!


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