New feature; Local Nicknames



  • Mr.Mask

    Steam has it and i agree this SHOULD be added

  • DarkCheese_



  • jackkk

    I strongly agree, I think it should be possible for DM's aswell.

  • Hees

    Too bad this request (or suggestion) has been made several times but with different headings. One can think that there is only one request but a search will reveal several. Now is it's difficult to make a stand and have this feature carried out.

    For me, it is the one annoyance of Discord. Like it is well known, Steam is has it right. I repeat, Steam has it right

  • Tekkie


    We should be able to set local nicknames and I'm surprised it still isn't a thing years after people started asking for it as a feature request. I don't care to see silly names that can change regularly and would much prefer to set a local nickname as their real name, or what I know them as. This can't be difficult to implement since the tags refer to a user ID and not that specific name (tags work if you change your name after the tag is made).


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