Screen share focus



  • DarkDruid

    Yes, the old interface made sense.. this is stupid. I'll be finding a new video system.. might (have to sadly) go to MESSENGER.. because of this video pile of crap now.

  • Kappatechy

    Even when the call area is full screened or popped out, the icons for the users in the call-- including yourself and the person you're trying to view the screen of-- still take up a non-negligible strip of space along the side, preventing the shared screen from reaching full size. Personally, I can see little reason to even have the icons on the screen, I cannot fathom why they need to block off a chunk of space and prevent the shared screen that is in focus from covering the whole viewing window. This worked perfectly fine before, there was no reason to change it.

  • Sandy Fortune

    I don't find the rest of the changes so hard to swallow, but not being able to focus on one video at the top of the chat without shrinking chat or popping out the window is soooo baaad. Having one video stream expanded at the top without obscuring chat was so perfect for watching and chatting. Now it's incredibly difficult for a call to hide everyone's avatars to focus on one video and still text chat without popping out. Popping out doesn't even help if you don't have multiple monitors, anyway.

  • MinX

    Yes. It's absolutely senseless and ridiculous.

  • Trishields

    This update for screen sharing is absolutely atrocious, it needs to go *now* I dont want to see my own avatar with an ugly border taking up space. I want to see JUST the stream Im focused on AND CHAT without having to pop out the window. Absolutely brainless update with no consideration put into it.

  • DAOWAce

    Good news, we can now apparently click the stream we want to see 'fullscreen' and it'll enlarge back to how it used to be before the Discord team started to ruin the interface.  Still doesn't take up all the available space (keeping aspect ratio), but at least it's not an eye straining tiny box we can't even see or forcing us to completely hide the chat.

    Bad news, it's still blocks, and ugly, and full of all the other problems besides this.

    At least they fixed our screen showing upside down and reversed, I guess..



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