this new UI sucks



  • Jeriliam

    Id be less mad if my transparent background was still transparent, but now my eyes have to bleed, yay. 

  • Arceus3251

    Legit: The past couple of updates were garbage. I hate that everything is more rounded. And why the hell is the Direct Messages Rectangles?! Circles were fine!

    Legit this new UI sucks complete ass. We don't need any new UI updates, we need bug fixes.

  • ChaoticDucc

    Part of me really hopes and thinks, that the rectagular icon things, whatever the hell there called, is a bug. 

    If not...well, change it back

  • Ann

    Omg please change it back it's awful

  • Lukas11112000

    But please change it back to when the leave call button was still a rectangle.. At that stage the UI was good as it is and why change a working system.. at some point you are just "progressing" for the sake of progress

  • Eduard

    discord 1 year later and you still haven't improved your UI back come man it looks very badly on the phone do something!


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