Remove those new giant sqaures when sharing screen




  • Tonizio

    Yes totally agree.

    Not only does it look like shit, but the problem I had before is even worse now. And that is the green outline on the profile pictures if someone speeks. It's really hard to see. Before it was bad but now it's worse.

    Make those squares go away and make the actual profile pictures bigger again. I wanna SEE them.

  • BonkerZX3

    Also transparent pfps no longer look any good, and it’s not noticeable at a glance wether or not somebody is muted

  • Samoose

    I really agree with this, it looks a lot less polished now, and overall it's a lot worse. It's harder to see if someone is talking, the new huge buttons overlap the new rectangles (especially at 4k), it's a lot more distracting than before. It looked really nice, polished, and didn't take up unnecessary space. The new rectangles take up way more space and can be really distracting. Finally, profile pictures are sometimes completely hidden by the colors it chooses (red profile picture on a red background of the same color is an example), or obscured and barely visible.

  • FrostDrive


    I make videos where I have a discord call visual on screen, but I can't do that anymore because the new look, LOOKS LIKE SHIT!!!!!!!214@@

  • Wyatt

    100% agree its also annoying that its ALWAYS boxes and you cant even tell if somone is muted or not you have to hover over their profile to see it.

  • Reaper666735

    i agree with all the above :p , useless with a dash of ugly and how can you still call it "fullscreen" share when you lose about 1/4 of the screen itself ??

  • ChrisFhey

    I was able to hide them by clicking on the participant list icon at the top right in Discord, but that seems to have disappeared as well now. I just want to use as much screen real-estate without having to fullscreen the screen share.

    Discord, I know you need to keep your UX team busy during the Corona pandemic, but could you please ask them to stop screwing over the UI every five minutes?


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