Make ROBUX purchase Nitro



  • Kyoko 🇽🇰🇦🇱 🎃

    has it ever crossed your mind about how discord should be able to earn any money for that? discord is not free to run so they need to earn money from nitro.

  • Eqilux

    I don't know how old you are, but I'm pretty sure this is a dumb idea. 0 profits for Discord and what are they going to do with robux?

  • mistr88

    Ok, they can devex robux, so there can be some minimal profit, but there are many problems

    1) You earn only 25% via devex (excluding on platform transfer taxes).

    2) There is no way how to do it.

    3) Its not allowed by roblox ToS.

    4) No one will use it because point 1, because it will cost about 4k robux (so 2 times more than best premium) (maybe only developers, but this is one of the groups, that doesn't have got big problem)

    5) When i look on the fact, that roblox was on discord webhook blacklist, it will not happen even is the problems 1-4 will not exist.

  • Hugo.

    ^ and btw, if you can buy robux why can't you buy nitro? It's literally (not sure) the same price, so.. 

  • Yeah, @mistr88 that's not possible they can't exchange it since its against the tos selling something for robux. To the original comment: I think you just stole your mum's credit card saying this there is no way they can earn and why would they want a non real in game currency?


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