Feature request: Permission to edit other users' posts



  • tpd1864blake

    I don't like the idea of editing other people's messages, as it adds more opportunities for censorship in some servers. A server owner could hold a vote, then edit everyone's messages to make it look like they support the vote. The whole idea feels wrong, as you wouldn't even be able to tell if a moderator made simple spelling mistakes or even changed the whole message to something else entirely. Plus, if someone's message gets edited, couldn't they just undo the edits?

  • Foxxy

    I’m with him here. I don’t want anyone framing someone else, it doesn’t help support out, it doesn’t help members and has too high a risk to be abused. 

    Discord is a chatting platform, not a forum.

  • VieLassiel

    You're looking at this all the wrong way.

    Yes, there is the potential of abuse, as with any administrator ability, however.. there are things you can do to make it obvious when someone is abusing the edit ability, such as:

    Make it so that the admin / mod can edit individuals messages, but make it have a button on the bottom of the edited post that shows up like a "spoiler" button and when clicked, it extends the message to show the original post, unedited.

    This would be incredibly useful for times when an administrator / mod of mine post something and then go to bed, and I need to edit the message as information is updated, such as if you have a channel that shares "redeem" codes and then those codes get claimed, a mod can go in and strike out all of the currently claimed codes. (This is just an example of why this would be useful, but this is actually something that is happening on my discord right now!)

    This may not be exactly what everyone who wants this ability to do, however it's a good compromise, because lets face it.. if you seriously have a problem with something someone said to that degree, you're going to flat out delete the message and/or kick / ban the user anyway.

    I think this is a great idea, so long as it is implemented correctly and with the communities concerns in mind, there are clear and easy ways to do so where everyone is happy.

  • Vintage Elysium

    I actually think this would be a really good tool to have. In our server it would be helpful so that if say, an FAQ or Start-Here channel needs updated with new rules, any mod (with the permission) can edit another mod's message to update information instead of having to either delete and repost the whole thing or wait for the specific mod that made the original post to be available. It could be a role-related permission so the server owner can set Mod messages to be the only ones editable, so that regular messages aren't tampered with. Plus, as far as people being framed, there is always the log available to admins showing changes and things, I'm sure that this content would go there as well. 

    Any administrative tool can be abused, which is why it's important to only have admins you trust. I think the potential for good out weighs the negatives with this function. You can always have a poll in with an external program (like google surveys, which is free and very customizable) or discord could even implement a safe way to poll were results aren't editable. I hope something like this gets implemented. 

  • Kadeka

    the function is unfortunately still missing. give @Vintage Elysium completely right.

  • jetucerridwen

    I like how @VieLassiel put it. There are plenty of ways to mitigate abuse, and the increased freedom would make discord a more versatile tool.

  • ThatGuy

    i really think that's a good idea but it would need to be done in a specific way, to be honest my server really needs something like this right now since our DND server has multiple characters made by multiple people and we need a list to keep track of them, but keeping the list updated is really hard since only one person can edit said list

  • Aidbringer

    I too would like this:

    1) Either as an option in rights/role  and trust the Admins to use it correctly.

    2) An option when posting to message....  As others have posted, it would be very nice to have a 'mesasge' that contains information for all,  but occasionally needs editting, but be editable by any.,  be it as mentioned a FAQ,  Rules, Roster, etc.... (or even Message of the day)....  or perhaps a way to post (as role),  so any person with that role is the owner (could edit)..

  • YoursDearlyEve

    I would also like a checkbox for the individual messages that would let admins/mods edit it.
    If an admin or a mod who posted rules or FAQ is not available, there should be a reliable way of updating the messages

  • craig

    A fix to this would be either allowing specific channels to have this permission, to allow a specific role to edit messages done by someone else with the same role or perhaps the most suitable one would be to allow someone to post on behalf of a role.

    We use our server for many things in a football league like schedules and statistics and we really need the function of more than 1 person being able to edit this.

  • kerrz

    Instead of editing other users posts, which have to be very strict, give possibility to define it as another "post type". When a post is created, you can define it as 'shared', and what roles/ people are given access to edit that same post. This will help all common messages (faq, wikis, etc) to be updated of more than one person.

    Check it out and vote:


  • ShadowXVII

    This would be useful especially with forum style posts where we keep collaborative documents such as FAQs or rules, etc.

    Collaboration is still quite restrictive and pushes people to other platforms to draft content (i.e Google docs)

  • selbie

    Yes - please create an "Edit Messages" channel permission so that it can be assigned to moderator roles. The edited tag will prevent any abuse by malicious users because it will be traceable to the offending mod/admin.

    The simple fact that admins and mods can delete messages is a far worse method for abuse than edits because it is untraceable. The "edited by moderator / admin" tag creates much better transparency.

  • mysticque

    this is very useful if the old information are old and the people that posted them have left the server or have been offline for a gazillion years and you basically just want to append the message?


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