A Gen Trojan Heur in the game Hex! Run



  • PixelNinja

    Hi xWerTy69,

    I'm PixelNinja, the lead developer of Hex! Run, we can understand your concern, but we assure you with 100% confidence that it is virus-free. If you are using cheap anti-virus, please consider upgrading to a better one such as Kaspersky or Mcafee. 

    Hex! Run gets flagged, most likely because we have not signed the EXE as some other game companies do, this means that the antivirus sees it is from an unknown publisher. 

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via DMs (PixelNinja#0132), email (contact@hex.run), or join our Discord (https://discord.hex.run) where you can chat and ask other people their opinions.



    Hex! Run Developer

  • benzene

    This game is NOT a virus, Lol. No idea where you got this from... but I'm certain Discord would not allow a virus on their store!!11!!

  • Gaffa

    Just got this Hex run, I am on Mcafee and it's detected a virus, the game also doesn't exist when I try to run it.

  • TermsOfService101

    In the Developer server, Mason (Discord staff) mentioned something about Discord DRM causing antivirus to trigger for no reason. I had this problem with a few other Discord games so idk what to think. The verification process they go though is apparently quite big so I think it's safe to trust.

  • AdrianXYJ

    I've played this game a ton and it isn't a virus. The Discord antipiracy checker normally causes these issues. I would personally just ignore it.


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