Discord Stories



  • Orzela_Williams

    Perhaps in the "friends" tab

  • OBICHAM IFIEX (dayofpay)

    Yeah... this will be really awesome . Hope discord add this feature :D

  • OBS

    I would love this feature, available when on a users profile.

  • yonderbread

    Maybe you could even make short screen recordings of gameplay that are public to your friends.

  • Nova

    Please no, this is exactly what I disliked so much about Snapchat, Instagram, and now Twitter. We all know most won't be posting game-related content on it but memes and bloat content. Having it on Discord won't change anything to what people already post elsewhere.

  • Quanta

    I would love to see this in Discord! Yeah it can be kept limited to friends or people can be allowed to choose who can see their stories.

  • ..Kaneki..

    How dare u

  • PrestigeToken

    I’m not lying when I say I really want to see this.

    Think of it like this. You probably play games with your friends and chat via discord. There is a high possibility you don’t know them IRL. I have the same situation. So to get a better connection with them. They could add stuff to their storyline, Which could result in them adding stories from there phone and making it public to all friends. Dus making a better connection. Basically. Stories(Friends Only) = Better connection & relationship.

  • LukysGaming

    Stories where you can upload screenshot or short clip, i NEED THIS in my life.

  • PurJusDeFruit

    Ceci et une tres bonne idee mais on pouras mentionner des personne ? 

    mettre des personne en avant 

    voir qui la vue et combien de personne 

    mettre des lien 

    des swip up 

    plain de petite chose comme sa qui vas donner plus de vie mais apres sa y reste a développer

    Bonne journée 

  • megacookies

    s'est inutile d'ajouter sa si vous voulez des sotries aller sur insta ou snap 


  • ghostvista

    What type of chat app will have a story?

  • clown

    yes please


  • Vera

    That would be cool :D 

  • Justine estrada

    I would really like that it makes it better for friends

  • Justine estrada

    Pls discord do this!!!!!!!


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