HELP!! Banned, but not actually banned.



  • Blade

    Found a fix to this. 

    Disable 2FA and your phone number on your main account (the one saying it is banned)

    Add your phone number to a different account (an alt)

    You should now be able to rejoin the server on your main account. If not, you may need to use a VPN and then it should work but it shouldn't be necessary. 

  • Beastmode

    I just somehow solved this, at least in one case!
    So I randomly thought of unbanning the discord system (Discord#0000) bc it was banned in our server. This automatically solved the issue and the user that was having this trouble was unbanned

  • Nissan

    Two of the servers I’ve been apart of for a while just disappeared. I texted my friend to get it back and it just says I’ve been banned, there is nothing saying that on the audit log and I think I’ll just have to create a new account

  • Flamezerker

    This just happened to my server with a friend too and we receive no help from Discord support. Unbelievable that this issue is still not fixed after a year. 

  • SimplyComplex;)

    2 of the servers that I have been a part of for a long time and hold dear to me just randomly disappeared yesterday and when I try to join back, it just says the link is invalid and I have been banned even though no one banned me or kicked me. I was admin in one, and co-owner in the other. It shows I left in the servers even though I didn't leave at all. It happened as soon as I added 2FA to my account. Discord support has been 0 help with any of this.

  • Diver

    after an entire year of this forum page existing this happened to me too and i dont know why

  • Diver

    and i dont even have 2FA on 

  • Legion

    If you're having this problem.

    What I did was I went into the settings, went to the list of invites (you'll notice some have timers), and I deleted all the invites for that person.  Then I gave them a fresh invite.  That worked.

  • cosmo

    No problem dude. Check to see if your alts been banned. It might detect your in the same location as the alt who was banned and when you leave will automatically close you out from the server.

  • meep

    Cowboy tysm! My friend and I have been having this problem and usually I would find a old message from them to ban then unban but it didn’t work this time. It is kinda sketchy unbanning everyone but we only had 4 bans and it worked.

  • 丂卩ㄚX


    - If not working on phone, join from pc.

    - if not working on pc, join from phone

    if not working on both, well then youre doomed :Skull:

  • π3.141592653589793238462643383

    When ur alt gets banned by Dyno or MEE6 its auto-ban ur IP address so all ur alt will get banned from the server so u have to unban all the alt to get back to the server. Hope this helps!

  • Dean0162

    I'm a server owner and had a user with the same problem. We tried many things but we found a way.
    Maybe this can help someone: The user linked there account with there phone number and got removed from the server(by Discord), after removing the phone number he was able to rejoin the server. It might help to try if it works, it did for my case.

  • Oeuq

    Dean0162 Was the only one with the solution that worked for me :) in fact- my problem could not have been so identical to your problem hahahah. remove your phone number from discord. even if it means getting rid of the 2FA in the process :) trust me it'll work.


    Well, for me i just changing the email address and gotten unbanned from glitch ban.

  • P2B

    so , i have the same problem but i could fix it
    all you have to do if have two accounts
    is deleting one of them and make sure that your account has the full informations that discord is asking you to add it and that should be enough to solve the problem
    good luck

  • yeetus the fetus

    Im a moderator on a discord server and I am struggling with this issue too!

  • Galawa

    I finally found the solution..
    I’ve been searching on a lot of forums but none had the answer, so I started doing tests on my side…

    To unban someone that has the problem :

    1) Ask the person to give you the names of their alt accounts.

    2) Unban the person’s alt accounts.

    3) Send a new invite to the user so that he can join.

    For some reason when you ban a user it also prevents his alts to join… and same thing for when u ban an alt account, it won’t let the user’s main account join. (Just guessing but maybe it’s because of where your accounts are used to be seen connect or because they see that when an account disconnects another one reconnects from the same place right after… and so with all that data maybe they probably know what your alt discords are and link them so that when one is banned from a server the other one is too)

  • Prodigy

    Hello, I have tried every solution and I cannot seem to find anything to work, its been years and I do not see any working solution, I have tried their vanity links, I have allowed my IRL friend to login in a call with me and it did not work for him either, I tried clearing my cache, I tried VPN's and I tried many other methods but somehow I am still banned. I am trying to get the ALT accounts under my IP that could have been banned but I have not found anything. Please help!

  • AmerKloster

    (SOLUTION) Im a server admin, and just fixed the problem, every banned player is IP banned, which means if someone in your household has been banned from the server, you are technically also banned, so i would recommend finding out who in your household is banned from the server, and explain it to the admin

  • Pos

    Okay the same thing happened to me and here's how the actual solution:

    1. Check if you have added a phone number to your account - The reason you got banned from the server was that you put your phone number on another account and whilst on the same server, got banned. So remove this ASAP. 
    2. Next, go to the account and disable the account.
    3. Open up any VPN and whatever you do, do NOT use the same IP as what you have. 
    4. Next, sign back into the account and once you do, press 'restore account'. 
    5. You will be logged back in and free to join back any server that you 'got banned from' 
    Hope this works (:


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