Better reporting system



  • Zeus...

    That's really cool !

    It would solve many problems, but for the discord team it would be very complicated, so they would have to assemble a specific team to moderate and receive new complaints, which would be very difficult, because it would have to invest a value to have this team, and the discord needs to improve other things in the application.

    But if this idea is approved, it would be great for our community.

  • gacha4life

    Thank you, I was about to submit this exact feedback.

    My (stable) client crashed, and I just wanted to be a responsible user and submit a bug. But I'm forced to join a whole new server, pass a quiz that is almost impossible to pass on the first try (and requires 10 minutes between retries), study the exact command line syntax required to submit a bug, before finally being able to submit it.

    Do you make your developers file bugs through a command-line tool, instead of Jira/Trello? Why make your users do it?

    The intentions are good but the execution is horrendous. Just provide a basic bug submission form, either in-app (most discoverable for users, easiest to collect system info) or link to a webpage. Prepend instructions for basic bug submission etiquette. Link them to the testers server and encourage them to become bug hunters if you need the free labor. DON'T make that the _only_ way to submit a bug. You'll just get fewer genuine bug reports from casual users on stable builds. Or you'll get the bug reports on Twitter.

  • bennyborgz

    Yes precisely, I thought I was the only one who didn't want to fill out their stupid form. I don't want to sign up to be a bug hunter and do an unpaid job for them, I just want to report my issue to Discord, and then move on with using the service, else I'll just use another competent voice chat service like TeamSpeak

  • MisterGore

    We need a "report user" button just like in games, it would be a much easier and faster way to easily report serious offenders for Discord's Trust and Safety. 

    I deal with many crypto related serves and those are swarmed with scammers/phishers and in same cases hackers. (in crypto if someone takes your money, it's gone for good, not reversible) I have to ban people frequently who are trying to steal other's money with scam DMs and social engineering tactics. 

    I know people should be generally more careful and not click on any spam. I'm also aware that a function like a Report button would flood the TS team with way too many requests but if they'd implement it in a way that before the report you could choose a category like "scammer/phisher" or anything to indicate it's about **cryptocurrency theft**  then the team could more easily decide which cases to jump on first. 

    The current method for reporting is not something most people would bother to use at all. 

    I would like to emphasize that there is a space in Discord where many people are being robbed off their money/investments. This is the Crypto Discord space. I want that space to be safer for everyone and especially for newbies. 

    It's probably a safe guess that there are tens of thousand of dollars are being stolen every month if not more. 


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