BetterDiscord - BD is Bannable?



  • J_M_Lutra

    It is against ToS of Discord because you're modifying Discord and it can cause security issues. If you just google stuff related to it you should be able to see all of the stuff related to it.

    The actual phrase from the ToS: 

    You agree not to (and not to attempt to) [...] (ii) copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works based upon, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, stream, broadcast, attempt to discover any source code, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise exploit the Service or any portion of the Service, except as expressly permitted in these Terms; [...]

    (RIGHTS TO USE THE SEVICE | As of 18th of October 2021) 

    Especially "modify" makes it clear that BD is "illegal" because the way it works, is that it adds custom things into the clients code, therefore modifying it.

  • Reddington [Red] ★

    J_M_Lutra Thanks for quoting the TOS and not providing a legitimate answer.  "Security issues" is COMPLETE BULLSHIT!  Discord is just mad that people can make their platform BETTER than what they provide.

  • Cesium™

    While I agree with you that BD is safe, you cant say the same about other clients that may not have the same standards.

    I am on the pro-BD side, but Discord is their platform, and regardless of what we may think, they declare BD and other 3rd party clients unsafe (I agree with you - total BS) and can terminate your account just because you used one (legally, they have the right to do that)

    And for the record, J_M_Lutra's response is perfectly legitimate... they proved their point that 3rd party clients are deemed illegal.

  • J_M_Lutra

    Reddington [Red] ★
    I never said security issues were the "problem", i just wanted to make it easier for people reading this thread, so they wouldn't have to google it and "see all of the stuff related to it", but can read the "official" informations and rules already in this thread(also with the source so everyone can fact check it).
    I had this argument a couple times before and therefor I knew where the sentence exactly is.  

  • Juicy Lemon

    Bruh its discord, what do you expect?
    Discord sucks, always have, and always will be.

  • Someone .

    Hey! Just a screenshot from better discord to make things more clear. I believe that better discord is lying so people dont get scared, though others might not think that, and thats okay!Have a great day to anyone who is reading this :)

  • Lucifer Morningstarᵀᴹ

    Looking at a cyber security board side of things, and looking deep into DISCORD ToS.
    Better discord only edits client side things, and wouldn't cause an issue for discord's security.
    Many of my cyber agents have been looking into the policies, ToS between DISCORD and BETTER DISCORD
    Ultimately we have used "BD" in the past.

    Better Discord DEVELOPERS has quoted in an email to us
    "We do not intend to break any part of discord's terms of service, hence why we only made it a CLIENT based workplace, if your using plugins in a server, lets say our "badge manager" plugin, nobody else will be able to see what you have added onto your client, we wish discord can cope with what we are trying to do for the community both BETTER DISCORD, and DISCORD communities.

    Chief Executive Officer,



  • 💙⛧BlueStarVisuals⛧🤍

    I really would love to have a custom theme and be able to change the color of the font and theme etc It be the best thing since it makes discord looks so clean compared to now

  • Adnriu

    Hm, I'll use it. The plugins I've installed don't appear to leak any private information!

  • untitled username

    As everybody said, BD is bannable ONLY if you use it for malicious purposes, that's not correct. Even MODIFYING the client is not allowed. The developers of BD sort of copied the closed-source client. Anyway, Discord should check this. Also, using Logitech GHUB to mute/unmute yourself is legal, because they did NOT copy the original closed-source client but they used Discord's API



    EDIT: After seeing the Twitter post, Discord already checked this, but they cannot do nothing because they are unable to know whether they are using the official Discord client or not

    EDIT 2: Inspect element is allowed, but you cannot use scripts to change the content automatically or modify the scripts so enjoy TROLLING your friends!

    FOR THE DEVS AT DISCORD: Make an update in the CLIENT so that it returns that the client is genuine. And make an update in the WEB APP inside the CLIENT so that it can see the returned string/boolean so that it can say its genuine (dont tell this to the public)

  • FusionDragon

    They did not "copy" the client, they modified it. That is against discord ToS but a big part of people not being banned is that majority don't use it maliciously. They use it to modify the way discord looks or acts and make things more personal for them. The people at better discord put effort into making sure that their plugins on their website are safe to use, and discord itself is an amazing client that allows so many people to communicate with each other.


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