Allow more than 25 people to be in the same channel video chat (25 using cameras, others just watching at the same time)



  • DévCube

    you can currently do this by configuring the student role as you see in this image

    disable video settings if you want student can't use camera, and you will just put the role for users!

  • Tuma

    Nope, I wasn't talking about that :

    We're now able to have video in a server channel with 25 members : passed this limit, nobody can access to the channel. 

    I was asking to have the possibility of being more than 25 people in the same channel while cameras are turning : 25 people max could put their camera on, while other people (let's say about 10) could be in the channel, without using the camera. 

    The use of the camera is putting a limit on connexion to the vocal channel.

    Edit : Sorry the headline wasn't that clear :c

  • Mr. Chen

    I agree this is what we need!

  • Bram Grooten

    YES! We need this to increase

  • AssVas

    Yes this is a thumbs up people, at least do it for a paid server version in order to make out the needed maintainance server costs for this to be done.

  • Urazz

    Agreed.  Just recently tried to accomplish this same task and it was a disaster. Now I have those who could not participate demanding to use a different platform.

  • ZozulZozula

    I'm having the same problem rn, I configured a whole server for my school (~300 people) and this is the biggest issue.

  • Karazad

    This would really help when peoples use discord with large groups, like for universities servers

  • mayfiecs

    Yes, this seems like a HUGE business opportunity for Discord. Universities have been flocking to Zoom like madness, but the educational experience is so much better on Discord. For one, you don't lose sight of the class when you share your screen (like you do in Zoom), and you can actually see what you are sharing.

  • ghostly

    I'm having the same issue.  I recently migrated an entire community from a closing live streaming app called periscope over here.  we fill the video/chat rooms with 200+ people. 


  • Ceskash

    Yes, having more than 25 people is a must.
    I hope this is added, since I am willing to keep using this app and keep recomending it as long as it is a functioning and viable option.

  • bakudas

    thumbs up

  • whitevo

    Still a problem need to switch to alternative

  • mgalvan87

    Hi! Same issue! Any workarround? We are waiting "stage" channels can resolve this.

  • ngAtesz

    Hello! We struggle with same as described above. Is there any update on this? 

  • TeacherUkr

    Yes, it would be cool for schools that use discord for classes


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