A suggestion to improve mobile UI



  • purpzie

    This is very badly needed tbh. I posted a similar suggestion but I'll delete it because yours is better and doesn't deserve to be marked as a dupe.

  • DOM

    Holy shit, yes.

  • Bruncky

    Upvoted, great work!

  • KibSquib

    So much better than it is now

  • Reina

    Except that the only button I think is really useful there is the library button.


    The camera button is useless as pressing the library button would give you access to a camera button (meaning still only two presses just like your mockup)


    The gifting button is useless as who needs constant access to gift Nitro to other people? Put that in the Nitro tab in the settings instead.


    The GIF button is not technically useless, but you could have it show up in the library as well.


    Basically, hiding away functions behind something useful is better than making you press a pluss button to get to any of the other functions. If you put these within a useful screen, you haven't wasted time waiting for an animation. Remember that chats sometimes go super-fast on Discord, and saving those precious few moments finding that thing you want can be pretty important or you might miss your opportunity and the conversation has carried on.

  • NickSplat

    this is cool


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