[Android] Tapping user icons to mention them



  • codehusky

    It's much more difficult to tap on names than avatars, especially for moderators. Please switch these around.

  • Chippy

    I want to add that someone on a server I'm on has their nickname set as "!" (without quotes). This user is practically impossible to mention in chat by tapping their nickname. Out of curiosity, I enabled showing tap borders in the developer settings in Android, here's the result:

    This is honestly just a bad joke, there is no way to hit this tiny field where the exclamation point is in.

    If you factor in big servers, where there are potentially 20 people with this exact nickname, you can't even type @! and hope for the autofill to show you the right one.

    I'm not sure what inspired this change, but it needs to be reverted. The option to see someone's profile is still available by tapping them in the member list or just tapping and holding their icon.

  • SJCommander

    Completely agreed, I don't run too big of a server but this change is an inconvenience to me.

  • not klug

    This change was highly unnecessary and deeply unwelcome. Hold for profile and tap for mention was perfect, and I want it back.

    Temporary workaround: Hold the message and select “Quote”. You will get a copy of the message and a mention to the poster. However, this wastes extra time by long holding instead of just tapping, and deleting the original message before the mention.

  • EricisFreaker

    Thank god I am not the only one that hated the change. I really hope they bring this back

  • Dr. Matteo

    Can't agree more.

    This new "feature" completely messes me up. I was sooo used to the "tap the pfp to mention" feature that now it's very weird to do otherwise. If it wasn't for this post, I would have never found out that I can tap on the name to do that.

    Fortunately, I'm not in any huuuge servers and most people I talk to have more than 3 characters as name.

    Please Discord, bring this back!!!

  • Speedy

    Like everyone else on this and several other threads mentioning the same thing, as well as every last one of the people I've talked to on Discord about it, I hate the new change to mentioning people on Discord mobile with a burning passion. This change was entirely unnecessary, and as Chippy mentioned, people with only one character in the names (or completely blank names) are now nearly (or entirely) impossible to mention with this new setup. Tapping someone's avatar is a much better and bigger target. Please bring that back!

  • vozhdsng

    I completely agree, it is very inconvenient to tap on the nickname, tap on the avatar was much more convenient and I'm already used to it

    Я полностью согласен, что кликать по нику очень неудобно, кликать по аватару было гораздо удобнее и я уже привык к этому

  • Tygari

    I am also hating this change. But it back.

  • StinkerB06

    I actually didn't like tapping on the PFP to mention, because usually I'd tap on the 3 bars in the top-left to go switch channels, but then my finger mis-taps and inserts a mention, which causes others to see I'm typing even when I don't want them to.

    I wouldn't mind having this changed back, considering I now swipe horizontally instead of tapping on the 3 bars. The others here think it's convenient enough, especially if the names are too short to be tappable!

  • Chippy

    I'm a bit disappointed that this hasn't gotten any sort of reply from Discord, makes me question if one of the team members even saw it :(

    Even a "No this won't be reverted, because " would have been good, but this has just been sitting here for 4 months with no official reply whatsoever

    Meanwhile I've seen some people with blank names. They're impossible to tap. Not even exaggerating, their nickname hitbox has a width of zero.

    If there was a compact mode on mobile I'd completely understand this change as there are no profile pics to tap, but that's not the case.

    All that I really want is a reply as to why this was changed...


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