Nitro is too expensive!



  • Code Disease Dev

    I think $5 AUD is plenty enough!

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  • Hope

    If you think that Nitro is too expensive, then don't buy it. In the end it is just something optional to support Discord with.

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  • Hugo.

    bro, discord classic for 5 euros (4.99 dollar), that's the cheapest thing i've seen in discord and im really glad it exists, so you should be happy 

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  • Muad

    The OP have a point. The 10usd price was justified with Nitro games, but now when they no longer exists, who would buy nitro for 10usd when you can buy nitro classic for 5usd that offers what most people need. Personally I would even welcome cheaper option for like 1usd that would only allow me to pick around 10 emojis that could be used globally and could be changed once a month. As I don't see myself paying 5usd monthly and this would give me an actual option to contribute.

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  • MicroBot

    Lol for $5 to $10 monthly that the best price

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