• Sly

    I agree this needs to be a feature such as when I am sending memes to my meme channel so I don't need to click the link.


  • Shasato

    I too would like this to be a feature to better spread memes.

  • AdultPagans&PractitionersStaff

    To be clear, all I'm saying is that if Discord displays a thumbnail video of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media sites, that offering people a chance to view the view within the server is a needed usability feature. Especially because many may not want to open the Tiktok website.

  • DaFazenda

    To everyone not wanting it because they don't like tiktok, you probably don't even use servers with people that do use tiktok.

    Honestly though Discord staff, get with the program! Put previews in plox kthx

  • cujojp

    This would be great! My Discord Server has many people who share memes and content from TikTok and would be great for growth.

    I also feel this wouldn't be too difficult to implement. TikTok already includes the `og` data needed to create a nice embed. 

  • eagerly

    I seem to get previews with a full link, but the generated link from their mobile app is what never previews in discord. Since most people use tiktok on their phones, it’d be great if those mobile links also generated a preview! Also helps to know what you’re about to click on!

  • Theo

    While discord might add this functionality eventually, I have made a bot that will automatically embed tiktoks that you can add to your server. here is a TikTok demonstrating it:

    And here is a link to add it to your server:


  • Chev

    +1 for tiktok embed. Several people on our server share tiktok links that look like this "" and they do not trigger any sort of embed preview.

    PS to the genius first commenter, an embed lets you preview the link inside discord allowing you to avoid things you don't want without clicking the mystery link.

  • Uragani

    Would love to just play the videos embedded natively, it's been two years since it was suggested, but this would still be very wanted given the popularity of the platform for communication, entertainment, and information.

  • DaFazenda

    Theo Right now your bot reacts to any message that says tiktok, tik tok, etc. Is this necessary? Otherwise it's decent so far.

  • Theo

    Fixed it, changed to searching for .tiktok.


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