iOS Image Spoilers



  • Chippy

    Even on Android it's super inconvenient to go into the file explorer and change the file name, just so it appears as a spoiler. There should be a more user friendly way to mark images and other attachements as spoilers.

    One idea I have is to tap and hold the images while attaching them.

  • Waterrose1345 [Rey]

    I agree it’s difficult for iso users to try marking photo’s as spoilers
    I tried different methods on my iso but it never works
    Please discord try to make a way to let us spoil images on discord

  • Miles05

    Agreed. Give us a tap-hold on the send button to mark as spoiler or a spoiler eye icon for mobile apps and iOS to send image or image batches we upload as spoiler. 

  • Reina

    I made a Shortcut to do it from your photo library if anyone's interested. Make sure to read the comment at the top first.

  • Reina

    I totally didn't make a mistake in the shortcut I sent above where it wouldn't work if you used it from the share menu. Either way, I fixed it now and am resharing it in a new comment because I can't edit the one above on mobile:

  • Dark_Lightner


    i tested your shortcut that works great but when the image is above 8Mb the compression don’t seems to work
    i had a file of 9.2Mb and after heavy compression is still at 9.2Mb 

    have you a fix ?


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